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5 Quality Link Building Strategies for eCommerce in 2016


Building links for eCommerce sites is one of the most difficult tasks along with rewarding parts of Search Engine Optimization. We are considering it rewarding as it comes with highly commercial content, complex information architecture and often little differentiation.

There are some challenges that one can have to face when building links for eCommerce site, no matter you are doing SEO link building for clients or a webmaster that works to enhance the site’s visibility.

Many Link Building Strategies are there that helps to lead the market. Check out below for details.

Choose an Effective Landing Pages

Deep linking may not be recommended every time as it is limited to a specific product page strategy. One can have to consider situation and goals for deciding whether they can link to a category page, product page, or home page.

It is essential to consider a natural landing page to link and according to some expert’s view landing page should be home page instead of product page or category page.

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Concentrate on Relevancy

One can have to increase relevancy and usefulness to user experience while building effective links. The importance of this becomes amazing when it links to an eCommerce product page as the links require creating value to the users by pointing them to a product they’re interested in.

Competitor Backlink Analysis

External Backlinks

One of the best ways to begin your work is by analyzing your competitor backlink. One can also counter the difficulty inbuilt in e-commerce link building by locating the links that found by your competitors.

In the end, if your competitors can get links with a same product then there is no reason you can’t do the same thing.

But, you have to ensure to target only quality links as the most eCommerce sites are to have toxic links in their backlink profiles.One can find link prospects for competitor backlink analysis and get collect backlink reports on your competitors. Different types of tools are available to create these types of reports such as

It doesn’t time to compile the report. Even, one can use both tools by creating free accounts with the corresponding sites.

Create a Linkable Asset

One should have to create a linkable asset, if they are struggling with eCommerce link building as it helps them in link building efforts. Many webmasters can be diffident to link to a product page that creates a very shallow pool of link prospects.

If you want to overcome from such challenges then you have to grab more opportunities with a linkable asset. Such type of assets should be useful and valuable that webmaster would be more agreeable to link to.

You just have to link back to your site within asset and send some of this link juice back to your website. The best option is to create an infographic to create linkable assets. Infographics has an ability to combine appealing visuals with some appropriate information to create a piece of informative and eye-catching content.

In addition to infographics, e-commerce site owners could leverage is a blog. Blog can helps to create a linkable asset, which is directly connected to your site. Those webmasters, who are unwilling to link their product page or home page, can have an option of blog that contains useful information. There are other possibilities to get links from linkable assets such as:

  • Interviews with industry leaders
  • Informative PDFs or white-papers
  • Tools or widgets
  • Videos
  • eBooks

Consider Anchor Text

In addition to choose a perfect landing page, it is compulsory to utilize natural and diverse variance at the time of selecting anchor text. Building a natural backlink profile along with relevancy should always appreciate at the forefront of a link builder’s mind and also anchor text variance plays a vital role in that.

It looks like a natural way to choose exact-match anchor text when we are linking to a specific product page. According to experts, it is not a good idea and should be utilized carefully. It would be great to choose white noise anchors like “click here” or “this website” or partial-match anchor text rather than using long-tail.

Anchor Text Distributions

We are considering relevancy first here.

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Link building is one of the most vital constituents of online marketing efforts, thus, here we have mentioned 5 important points that prove an effective one to implement in your eCommerce store in 2016.

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