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5 Useful Tools to Give Your eCommerce Website Personalize Touch


Personalizing an e-commerce site is one of the easiest and cheapest tasks as there are lots of eCommerce tools available in the market. Often, we cannot find proper tools that make our site robust and feature-rich.

So, here we come with many different types of tools that make excellent personalization of eCommerce site quickly and easily. Check out list of top 5 eCommerce tools:



Site Apps is one of my favorite personalized tools, delivering complete shopping experience to your visitors. Using this app, you can simple enhance your website’s performance with different applications like media widgets, feedback forms, analytics extension, etc.

One of the best things about this application is it doesn’t require extra codes to improve functionality. Webmaster just adds any feature with simple one click. What I like the most about this app is it enables users to personalize the behavior of the apps, depending on user data.

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CommerceStack Related Products Manager for Magento

CommerceStack is another effective Magento add-on that generates related products for cross-sells and upsells automatically on the basis of shopper behavior. It grabs data from Magento store to make suggestions.

Admin can control everything, from recommendation to arrangement of product with this add-on. Moreover, you can manually choose cross-sells, upsells and relevant items with automatically generated ones. You also have opportunity to manage product priority wise.



One of the greatest ways to personalize the browsing experience of your shoppers is an “Ask your friends” button that available in your product page. This button is only available when you have LoopIt eCommerce tool.

With an “Ask Your Friends” widget, you cannot only enhance the experience of existing shoppers, but enhance new visitors to your site and boost your word-of-mouth marketing. Moreover, the tool can give insights related to what visitors are thinking about your products and services, the context around their buying decisions and how customers influence each other.



Zendesk is one of the best customer service eCommerce tools for communicating. It supports one-on-one through any channel like phone, social sites, website, email, live chat, etc. Zendesk has ability to convert inquiries into tickets and bring more business.

An overall view of each customer is also provided by its interface so you can see their submitted tickets, purchase history, contact information, and more at one destination. It is better known for enjoying personalized customer service experience.

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WP Greet Box

WP Greet Box

WP Greet Box is one of the most preferable WordPress plug-ins that shows personalized welcome messages on the basis of where the user is coming from. For example, if your users come from Digg to your website, you can personalize the message to say something like“Glad you Digg upon our site,” “Welcome, Digg user”.

Multiple referrers such as Google search, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, etc. are supported by WP Greet Box. One of the best things about WP Greet Box is it helps to enhance email subscribers at the lowest price. With a personalized box on each blog post help grabbing attention on your sign-up message and link.

Above mentioned 5 effective website personalizations E-commerce tools enable you to division visitors and then deliver personalized messages to promote your brand globally. If you want to develop e-commerce website with effective e-commerce tools, feel free to connect with us.