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6 Social Media Strategies to Enhance Your eCommerce Business


If you are running with e-commerce business, you have to be connected with your customers on social networks and social media sharing sites regardless of their age, gender or economic status. If we are looking to the statistics, we find 47% of males are using social networking site while 53% are females.

With this figure, we come to know about the importance of social media among the people and e-commerce store as well. Now, we are going to discuss e-commerce social media strategies that might effect your e-commerce website.

E-commerce and Social Media Brought Up Together

When people are visiting any eCommerce website, they firstly review that site and then make shopping. No doubt, a review can be collected from the official site itself; however, if we are exploring their social networking account, we found a correct review of a visitor.

Social networking site is one of the best places, where customers gather huge information about products/services. No one tells the shopper what to buy, but everyone can give advice from where to buy.

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Use Facebook For Business

Facebook, leading social media site, offers remarkable tools for doing business. If you are using the premium version of Facebook, it gives advanced analytics option to see insight around specific fan segments, including customers, new fans, top commenter, etc.

Threadsy tool is also worked well. This also allows third-party developers to develop actions beyond Comment, Like and Share. Moreover, Facebook is now also used for hyperlocal commerce. Content creation and curation are other areas, where you can see changes.Now, marketers have the capability to recommend Page updates regarding user’s reaction on a Page’s previous posts.

SlideShare Accepted More

SlideShare is the fastest growing social network in this race, while LinkedIn and Facebook are going to launch their own original content creation strategies to offer content marketing opportunity to its users.

Market Your Product Visually is totally devoted to the visual marketing. If we are making the promotion of site or products/services through visuals and videos, it impacts huge to the user’s mind.

A New Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing

Social media leads the market and various brands will be realizing the unprecedented clutter from both people and brands. Moreover, informative and attractive content is greater than all. Content marketing already started their race in B2B with ebooks, webinars, white papers, infographics and articles.

On other side, B2C brands using social media more with the growing percentage of Instagram, Pinterest and other multimedia social networks for sharing and creating sophisticated comics, beautiful photos, and other visual aids, and brilliant TV-level videos.

Marketers Some Social Media Sites

There are some marketers using only leading site to promote their brand online. Facebook and Twitter are not in their list while LinkedIn is in priority due to its business communities. There is increase in adopting of Google+, Pinterest and other as they are rapidly growing platforms. So users happily spend more time and energy on it.

According to my prediction, it becomes difficult for small businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs and consultants to hold their fans and followers for more impact.

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Google+ IS Must Have

If you want to enjoy something extra from other people, Google+ is must for you. It is considered as the central hub for operating your “official” online public presence in the Google’s eyes. People, who want to use advantage of Google+ offers, it is essential for eCommerce website owner to roll services and products under the Google+ umbrella.

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