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7 Useful A/B Testing Tips to Grow Your eCommerce Business


On the web, you would find millions of e-commerce websites that have the most potential for improvement through A/B testing. When it comes to talk about the most popular e-commerce stores, Amazon, Etsy and Ebay are the very popular e-commerce websites that perform a lot of A/B testing.

The latent of A/B testing is huge due to several variables that these e-stores can experience with categories, search results, product images, pricing, ratings and more. Performing A/B testing is very much important for e-commerce businessmen as they can run an excellent e-store that has complete features.

Below we have mentioned some of the highly useful eCommerce A/B testing tips that e-commerce businesses can follow and acquire various benefits.

Add product Videos on Your Site

For e-commerce business, it is very much important to provide product videos on their website so that their customers get closest experience with their products. By providing product videos, they can help their precious customers to imagine how they will feel when they have the products in their hands.

As per the latest reports, those visitors, who do not watch the videos, but still they have the option to watch them, convert at a higher rate than those who don’t have the option. Below, you can find a product video of Ascaso Coffee Company’s products that help it to increase sales and profit of their business. In the below video, a complete description about product is given by which you can get huge information about it.

Make Sure to Check Your Drop-down Menus

If you are running an e-commerce website from past several years, it is important for you to check your drop-down menu with a multifaceted product, category page for better usability. Various people worldwide replaced their drop-down menu with product category and they have increased their revenue by 56.43%.

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As per the latest studies, it also comes to know that drop-down menus can annoy users as well. If you are running an e-commerce website that mainly targets older age group or users with disabilities, you can go through this option and get target audience.

If you are offering Free Shipping, Mention it clearly

Many of you all may prefer to offer free shipping to your customers, so make sure that you mention it clearly on the top of your site as it helps your customers to know that you are offering them free shipping.
However, if you are providing free shipping for particular time-period, then also you need to mention it clearly on the website. In this image, you can see that a website is providing free shipping for described time-frame.


Eliminate Your Image Carousels

As we all know that image sliders seem simple yet powerful on a homepage, but when it comes to consider their reputation in the conversion optimization industry, it was stained long ago. On the web, you would find dozens of image carousels that are also known as rotating offers.

Maybe, you like them, but the truth is that they are the conversion killers. They are not so effective for your e-commerce websites, so it is better for them to remove image carousels.

Don’t forget to add awards and badges

Various e-commerce websites prefer to add the trust pilot customer reviews or badge on various steps of the funnel. However, across the world, there are lots of e-commerce sites that have added awards and badges to increase their sales and profit.

These websites got instant results by adding such badges and awards, so every e-commerce site needs to prefer this option if they really wanted to increase their sales and profit. Here in this below given image, you can see that some badges and awards are added on the left sides that are really helpful for your business to boost sales.

Add awards

Offering Live Chat Assistance

More than 44% of online consumers want live chat assistance while purchasing any product and services as per the Forrester Research studies. It is also studied that e-commerce websites can increase approximately 17% of their conversion rates by providing live chat assistance on their website.

If you offer live chat assistance to your site, it allows you to fill your customers’ complete needs. You can make friendly and personable contact with each and every visitor who comes to your website.

Use Some kind of Reassurance Text

Across the world, there are various e-commerce websites that adding some reassurance text on their check-out pages in order to give assurance to their clients their check-out process is safe and secure for them.

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Various businesses have benefited by adding such a kind of reassurance text on their website as it helps them to win the trust of their customers.
Here in the given image, you can see that XYZ company has added some kind of reassurance test:


You can perform above mentioned eCommerce A/B testing on your e-commerce website in order to increase sales and profit of your business in the mean-time. When it comes to perform any type of eCommerce A/B testing, you need to contact professional e-commerce developer, who has hands-on experience.

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