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7 Easy Ways to Deal with Difficult eCommerce Customers


Customers might be always right, but dealing with them is not as easy as we are thinking. Those people, who have worked as customer service executive, can tell you how difficult to deal with different nature of customers.

Business means dealing with customers due to some issues related to shipping, defective products, wrong supply of product and so on.

Finding techniques to deal with unhappy customers and win them by providing best support service helps your business to grow more.

Here, we come with some effective tips that help to navigate the problems some difficult customers.

Be a Good Listener

Customers want those executives, who listen to them calmly and completely to their problem. Ensure to keep your facial expression and concerned albeit s/he is acting ludicrously.

When it comes to angry customers, they want their problems are being taken seriously and can get result with committed time-frame. To deal with such customers, you should be attentive listener.

Ensure to maintain eye contact, nod when you find customer’s point is valid. Avoid interruption as it creates bad impression.

Stop doing your work when customer tells their problem, if you are not doing this, it means you don’t consider his/her grievance to be important for you.

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Lower your voice

When customer speaks louder then start speaking slowly and in a clam voice. This will reflect on them and thus, matter will solve with no time.

It is fact that clam voice will angry person and his/her anger will generally dissolve.

Accept, but don’t agree

We find agreeing with client’s problem with create a big problem for you. You surely are moving away from the position, if you are admitting their situation and moving the conversation to the resolution.

Never Take It Personally

Do not get personally. Always discuss to the matter that is in your hand although the customer does. As customer doesn’t know you, they are just uttering frustration on you as you are representing your company.

Avoid personal comments and resolve problem by listening to conversation properly.

Don’t Blame the Customer or the Company

Never blame your company or customer when you are explaining customer about your store’s policy. Tell them what went wrong and provide them proper solution. It is advisable to use “I” statements or the indirect approach.

Inform Them with Callback

No matter, you have promised your customer to give an update but you don’t have yet, it is advisable to call him/her at committed time-frame.

This will reassure your customer that you were not trying to avoid his/her complains.

Build Relationships through Understanding

The best way to build relation with your customers is by placing yourself in the customer’s shoes. Show them that you understand their situation and will surely solve problem as soon as possible.

Customers will get assured, if you verbally “nod” on the call.

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These are some important tips that you follow to handle difficult customers. If you have some more tips to share with us, we will accept it through comments. For more information about eCommerce or its related service or problem, click here.

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