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7 Reasons to Use Testimonial As E-commerce Sales Converter


Trust is one of the biggest factors to convert your visitors into potential customers. Shopping online is the latest trend. However, not every website receives same sales. The only reason is a trust factor that they have gained from their past customers through testimonials.

There are many reasons to use testimonials in your website for visitors to know about popularity of your business brands. In this post, we are going to discuss 7 most important reasons to use testimonials to boost e-commerce sales.

1st Reason: Increase Trustworthiness

Having real testimonials of your products/services or company help to enhance trustworthiness. We have seen different types of advertisement messages everyday from online merchants of promotion. This trick is failed now as one should have to convince their buyers with trust and that can be only possible with Testimonials.

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2nd Reason: Testimonials Acts As Identification Factor

A great recognition of your business brand is provided by Testimonials to your customers. Testimonials are all about problems, hopes, concerns and desires that is what you required for marketing.

3rd Reason: Putting Your Visitors Effortlessness


Apart from sharing information of your products through your videos, potential customers can able to decide whether or not purchase your products without any efforts. This will be helpful for boosting your credibility and customer’s comfort, if they have never used your brand before.

4th Reason: Show Additional Information That You Never Thought

There are many purchasers preferring quick information when they are visiting your web page as they are not believing in reading specification and features of products.

For such people, testimonials are great source of grabbing information without navigating whole website. Through your client’s video testimonials, you can simply give information about Discounts, Warranties policy, pricing and billings, company’s return policy and so on.

5th Reason: Use for Social Media Promotion

Along with delivering information through testimonials, one can also promote their brand through social media properties by linking their videos with social networking sites.

There are many websites leveraging social media pages for their businesses to adopt advantages of these videos by uploading it on YouTube and Facebook. It is considered as remarkable strategy for grabbing attention of more followers.

6th Reason: Giving Touch to Every Individual Differently

A customer’s questions can be easily answered by client’s video testimonials. It acts as a visual form of a FAQ that helps customers to make purchase decision. Having video testimonials can provide visual and audio reassurance of a company and its products/services.

In many video testimonials, we have also noted credibility added for products/services they have purchase through client’s personal, one-on-one experience.

7th Reason: Good Testimonials Fulfill Your Business Promise

Having a good testimonial helps to fulfill your promises that you have created with your visitors. If you are saying your product is good, then your testimonials should support your promises with actual figures and facts.

A perfect video testimonial includes how much time customer did save by using your service, how much savings they enjoy and lots of other things.

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Whether text based or video based, testimonials help many ways to improve your sales page conversions as your visitors get more information from it. By going through testimonial section, your visitors can get more confident to purchase products/service from your place.

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