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7 Things That Every Retailer Should Have on Its E-commerce Product Page


Today’s increasing competition among e-commerce retailers make it important to have unique and fully functional e-commerce website that has a range of products on its product page.

There are lots of exclusive features that every e-commerce retailer should add on its e-commerce site’s product page as it will be helpful for him to attract more and more visitors.

According to the type of e-commerce site, one can add different features on his/her site and make it more powerful. On the below given list, there are some important things for any online retailer to add on his/her product page. So, let’s have a glimpse on below mentioned things:

Good Quality Images

For any e-commerce website, it is very much important to have some best and excellent quality images of their product so that visitors find it attractive and compel to purchase products.

Instead of using low and cheap quality images, e-commerce retailers should use high-quality product images because high-quality images can give a good view of your product that will be extremely helpful for your customers to decide about your product.

Good Quality Images

Availability of Product, Title & Price

No matter what type of e-commerce site you are running, it is important that you use H1 tag for the product title as it can help search engines to index the product page.

Apart from having product tile, it is also important to give clear view of price as making it appear clearly is crucial for all the e-commerce retailers because customers find it easily.

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Moreover, you should also show availability of the product as no-one is here to add items to their basket to find they are out of stock, so make sure to show stock availability.

Add-to-Cart Button

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As we all know that Add-to-cart button plays a very significant role on product page, so retailers should make it very clear and nice so that visitors and customers view it.
E-commerce retailers should also distinguish it from other elements on the page. In the below given image, you can see the color contrast making the call to action button standout from other elements.

Payment Methods

If you are giving a neat and clean view of the price on your product page, it is essential for you to show different payment methods on the page because how can customers for the item? You need to show available methods as it can affect a decision of the customers to purchase product.

With different payment methods, it will be easy for your customers to pay for the item as they can choose any method as per their desire and make payment.

Return Policy

Many times, it happens with customers that they purchase any product and it is not the right size which they are looking for. No matter whether you are running an e-commerce site of clothing, shoes or any accessories, it is must for you to give clear and flexible return policy on your product page.

By giving clear return policy on product page can give huge influence to your customers’ decision.

Product Information

One of the most important things that all the e-commerce websites should have on their product page is product information because people need the details of the product that they are purchasing. So, providing all the information about product is very much important.

Product features, specs, dimension, material used, quality and more are different product information that you should include in the product description. By giving such huge information about product, you can help your customers to decide about your product.

Social Sharing Buttons

Social Sharing Buttons

Having social sharing buttons on product page is extremely important as it allows your customers to promote your products on different social networking sites.

whether they purchase your product or not, but if they share it on Pinterest, your products will surely reach a wider audience. Make sure you provide different social sharing buttons on your site as it will be easy for shoppers to do the sharing.

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Above mentioned seven things are very much essential for all the e-commerce retailers to mention on their e-commerce product page as these seven things can give huge impact on customers’ purchasing decision.

However, one can also expand their e-commerce business worldwide and gain huge benefits.

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