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70% of Buyers Defer Online Shopping by Bad Website Experience on Christmas


Recently, a survey has been conducted by PEER 1 Hosting, a leading and foremost web hosting solutions provider to the eCommerce industry, declared that 70% online shoppers will be put off spending online on this Christmas season by slow and poorly designed websites that can give bad shopping experience to them.

70% is really huge number, but what it is going to inform that if any website is not performing well and has poor quality graphics and low speed, online revenues will surely face huge loss. PEER 1 Hosting has conducted an independent online survey of 1000 British adults and the company found that approximately 70% of people said that they would do more of their seasonal spending on the Internet, but if websites were better.


Only 15% of people state that they would prefer to go site’s offline store to make a purchase while other remaining people said that they prefer to go to a competitor’s site. 11% of shoppers said that they would like to go with different online store and 33% of shoppers said that they would like to go a different website.

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What’s happening with these websites as they are leading their shoppers to abandon? Along with it, shoppers also said that they will not prefer to purchase online because of features like set up an account to make a purchase, complicated navigation, poor product offering, delivery times, loading speed and clunky design.

Mainly, this survey was conducted to discover the actual opinions of consumers of high-street brands online and to emphasize the extending the gap between service in-store and service online. However, shoppers were also asked to choose the brands, which had lost their online business from a selection comprising various biggest retailers of UK. Below mentioned retailers were named often in the poll:

  • Topshop
  • IKEA
  • B&Q
  • Homebase

Dom Monkhouse, EMEA MD and SVP of customer experience at PEER 1 Hosting said “With seasonal shifts like Christmas, as well as days like Mega Monday and Black Friday causing huge demand for retailers, it is vital that retailers are ready to meet the needs of shoppers. Retailers that get this wrong online are losing customers who go to rival shops both online and offline”.

He also added “This Christmas will see a rise in consumer spending, on multiple devices. It’s paramount for brands to ensure that their ecommerce proposition is not driving shoppers into other retailer’s stores.”

As per the report from application solution provider Radware, it has been found that the average time taken for the website to load has been increased from 6.79 seconds in the Spring of 2012 to 7.72 seconds while two week period from 24 June to 5 July 2013.

However, PEER 1 Hosting is also going to hold a webinar that mainly focus on the issues facing retailers online and how to deal with those consumers’ demand. The panel discussion comprises Dom Monkhouse and a host of other eCommerce experts.

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In the meantime, Royal Mail also said that they had enhanced access to its email and SMS delivery notification services in the run-up to Christmas. Email or Text Notification that an item is due for delivery is now a standard, free-of-charge feature of Royal Mail’s Special Delivery Guaranteed service.

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