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8 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Increase Sales and Conversion Rates


For any business, be it an online brick store, the business goals are remaining the same, and it is the best revenue and ROI. To achieve it, online stores usually set at least three tangible goals.

18 Woocommerce Plugins

Attracting more visitors, increase retention, and increase conversion rates are the most common sets of goals in modern e-commerce and WooCommerce has no exception at all.

Therefore, I have decided to discuss WooCommerce plugins to increase sales and conversion by focusing on these three vital goals of any e-commerce store. Yes, I say about extensions or plugins here because WooCommerce is nothing but a set of plugins to WordPress website converting WordPress CMS into a full-fledged e-commerce store with the latest bells & whistles.

With these insights, let’s find out only high-quality and useful plugins for the latest version of WooCommerce websites.

WooCommerce Plugins to Increase Traffic

We know despite the great design, excellent UX, and the best products with the best price are unable to attract more visitors to your WooCommerce store. WooCommerce merchants have to spend time, resources, and budget on the Internet marketing campaign first.

Ask me what an Internet marketer will do? The first thing in Internet marketing is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website to get good ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), and SEO begins with on-page optimization.

#1 –Yoast WooCommerce SEO extension for Natural Traffic

Therefore, installing something like Yoast WooCommerce SEO plugin can fulfill your on-page optimization requirements along with CMS in a comprehensive module without indulging in the messy code of the WooCommerce website. It allows a back-end user to experiment with some SEO flairs to fill the SEO Meta Data in given fields.

woocommerce product share plugin

You can leverage social media integration with your WooCommerce store using Twitter product cards and schema & OpenGraph additions.

best seo plugin for woocommerceYou can get configurable breadcrumbs from the plugin for your WooCommerce store breadcrumb functionality. woocommerce scheduled sales plugin

You can make page layout changes on product and other WooCommerce web pages with the plugin settings.

#2 -Social Media Slider plugin for Social Traffic

To increase the visibility of your online shop, social media networking is an excellent choice. Your content should be shared by the visitors and customers with positive experiences. It can make your storefront viral.

woocommerce google feed plugin

Share Bar provides convenience to the shoppers to share products, content, opinions, and experiences with your online business. It can pull huge traffic from social media sites.

WooCommerce Plugins to Increase User Retention

User retention happens with user satisfaction and active involvement of users into the sales & conversion funnels. Let’s see which WooCommerce extensions can help us in due course.

#3 –WooCommerce Points & Rewards Extension for Incentives

Various incentives tempt WooCommerce visitors to participate in the game actively, and they purchase more in order to gain more incentives. It is human psychology. Reward point is one of those effective incentives which works well with WooCommerce settings.

best woocommerce plugins

Shoppers can earn points based on the conversion rate you have set in WooCommerce. You can override the scheme at a category or product level and encourage customers to buy certain products or categories of products. Usually, customers redeem points for a discount on another purchase. Thus, you can see high AOV in the cart at a time.

#4 –WooCommerce Product Filter Plugin for Navigation

Navigation is an important thing in user experiences because it leads visitors to their destination swiftly and smoothly. Apart from the main menu and side menu, custom product filter based navigation (Layered Navigation) proves highly efficient.

Visitors can find products quickly based on various product attributes in the layered navigation scheme. The plugin allows modules to set on category and sub-category pages besides the homepage in a large store.

best woocommerce plugins

You can use sliders or direct text input methods to set product attributes in the filter interface. It eases the product search a lot when a shopper is aware of various product attributes.

#5 –Sale Badges for WooCommerce extension to Improve UX

Sales badges are significant UI elements which are contributing to the enhancement of UX of the WooCommerce store. This plugin offers 17+ presets to get variation in color, position, and message to customize your page for prolonged engagements and conversion.

best seo plugin for woocommerce

The plugin also allows setting for discounts in percentage or price tags in your currency. It allows the custom look of the entire sales badge or set different colors for each module in the badge. Moreover, it supports templates available in WooCommerce themes.

WooCommerce Plugins to Enhance Conversion

We have seen plugins for the acquisition and retention of shoppers in the conversion funnel. Now, we will take care of upselling, cross-selling, and subscription like stages of our conversion funnel to assure good conversion rate in your WooCommerce e-commerce storefront.

#6 –Beeketing for WooCommerce plugin for Upselling & Cross-selling

For medium to large size e-commerce, marketing automation is crucial to get maximum conversions. This plugin helps in conversion rate optimization, enhance AOV and cut cart abandonment rate using out of the tools and features in it.

Best Woocommerce Plugins screenshot-4

It helps merchandise to create upsell and cross-sell offers that seamlessly match with WooCommerce related products (product bundles) feature. Thus, it can increase AOV of the cart. It also enables shoppers to use Facebook chat within the store.

#7 – Booster Extension for WooCommerce to Globalize

Global e-commerce means stores that support various regional demands of global audiences online. Languages and currencies are prime concerns to meet the diverse requirements of the global audience. Regionalization or localization of your e-commerce store is possible only with introducing global lingual supports and local currency support along with regionally famous payment gateway integration.

woocommerce product share plugin

Booster is supporting a lot of regional/local languages. It can convert profiles, product attributes, content, and image texts into languages and currency of the locations where the site is displaying in real-time. It supports more than 160 currencies into your WooCommerce store operating at the global level.

#8 –WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin for High Conversion

Many e-commerce stores are not selling products with complete payment but adopted subscription models. Most of the services are selling on weekly, monthly, or annual basis payment methods.

best woocommerce plugins
woocommerce product share plugin
woocommerce order notification plugin
best seo plugin for woocommerce

WooCommerce Subscriptions extension helps online merchants to offer a variety of subscription schemes for physical as well as virtual products or services. You can manage billing schedules automatically or manually. It allows you to incur sign-up fees, set expiry dates, and offer free trials of a limited period.


We know thousands of WooCommerce plugins are available in the market for a variety of purposes. You have to decide which minimum features and functionality you need in your online store. Unnecessary plugins can deteriorate the performance of your storefront as well as can pose security threats if those come from unknown sources.

Therefore, take help of reputed WooCommerce development Company like Perception System, USA to choose the best WooCommerce plugin to increase the sales, and install it. If you have a unique store with bespoke needs, WordPress developers at Perception System, San Jose, USA can go for custom WooCommerce plugin development.