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9 eCommerce Principles of Optimizing Pricing Page


The pricing page is one of the most visited pages of your eCommerce sites. As it is such a page that normally people visited before making a purchase. It is vital to use proper techniques that help to convert your leads into sales and make your business trustworthy.

We all know that emotional conversion optimization means to identify visitors’ emotions and personalities and can use it to make quick action effectively.

In this piece of content, eCommerce merchants find some important eCommerce principles or tips to optimize pricing pages These tips are also helpful to increase revenue. Additionally, it enables you to know more about your users and convert them into customers

Use Emotional Icons

Highlighting the pricing plans by using emotional icons and features is one of the best ways to promote your eCommerce pricing packages.

We see 3 pricing plans in which one plan is dominant than the other. It usually shows a banner and ribbon.

Pricing Pages

If it is possible then use more personalized highlighting options that tell you why you should go for particular pricing plan

One can able to highlight the difference among each pricing plan by using client’s logo. Additionally, you can also use the “most loved” badge that explained why the middle plan is appropriate.

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Personalize Your Pricing Plans

It is advisable to personalize your pricing plans. Using mailchimp is one of the best ideas or you can also use exactly same things. A “personalized” pricing plan is delivered by mailchimp that suited to your requirements. It provides you an option to adding monthly capacity.

You can also find option to change currencies and other effective personalization feature.

Pricing Pages

Address FUDs (fears, uncertainties, doubts)

Visitors find friction when eCommerce merchants ask for money. It is true you can’t remove friction, but you can easily reduce it.
The best ways to overcome from objections is to avoid from occurring.
For that, you have to first list-out why people might NOT want to purchase your things. After that, identify which FUDs are the most common.

Lastly, answer the questions of all your doubts and fears.You will find something like below given:

  • I don’t think it will work in my case. -> You have to display or link to your case studies/ testimonials where people like X have used it effectively.
  • What if it’s not what visitors are looking for? -> Our business offers you a full 30-day no questions that asked money back guarantee. If one cannot like this, they can get money back.
Moneyback Guarentee

Now, you have to work with your designers to search out the place of your pricing page of eCommerce site. Check out how Grasshopper is doing. Along with you also have to go through testimonials, guarantee, and money back policy given in this website.

Security and Trust

Many visitors have some questions related to security such as:

  • Will my credit/debit card information remains safe?
  • Am I only person to purchase from your site?

All such might be sub-conscious questions; however, there are people, who are asking such types of queries when making purchase online.
CrazyEgg displays logos of their customers for social proof.

customers for social proof

Offer Currency Options

We offer products/service to global audience. Online merchants, who are offering products in Canadian dollars, euros, or pound, will cause some friction. Perhaps, US dollars are also difficult for some Europeans to use for purchase.

Although, we can’t find any exact data for how many people are affected due to foreign currencies, but going through ycombinator news give you an idea.


Would you buy a service that bills only in €?
I would not buy in $, but only in € – 5 votes
€ is not OK at all – 19 votes
€ is OK but I would really prefer $ if possible – 65 votes
€ is OK – 70 votes
The only solution is to show prices in various currencies.

For example:

Optimizely is one of the leading UK companies, offering prices in both pounds and dollars. You can also see the currency change icons on the top of right side of homepage.

currency option

Incentivize Up-Front Payments

We all know that cash is kind. It is good for cash flow to pay up front for a longer period (year, 2 years) by users. Here, the main aim for the pricing page is to get your users to register. So, don’t be so aggressive with the upsell.

For example:

Optimizely provides three options above the plan and defaults to one year (10% off).


The up-front payment price is also added right into the plans by GetResponse that enable users to concentrate on the annual price.

Up-front payment price

Clear call to action

Having a clean, attractive call to action button can do wonder for your website. It is best to create CTA buttons big and avoid saying ‘buy now’, ‘purchase now’ and so on.

There are many websites that have ‘buy now’ button and it performed well than any other alternatives like ‘add to cart’, ‘get started’, ‘choose plan’, etc.


You can see Getresponse uses the plan’s name as calls to action

Call to Action

Tell Visitors What Occurs Next

Visitors love to know what come next and how many steps are there to complete check-out process. Thus, the ‘close doors’ button is included in the elevators. The best way to connect with purchasers is to tell them what happens next on the pricing page.

You can also display the upcoming steps to place them in control over the process. No one likes surprise when purchasing products/ services.
The best example is of Awe.sm which shows a liner flow of steps above the plans. Check out the image.

Limit Choice


Many SaaS companies are offering about 4 types of pricing plans. It makes buyers confused. According to the survey by RingCentral, three plans increased conversions than 4 plans on their pricing page.
The conversion ratio raised by 37%. Alternatively, if they have two plans, it decreases conversions.

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These are some remarkable pricing page tips to optimize your eCommerce website. If you want to optimize your pricing page according to above given tips then contact Perception System, a leading eCommerce development Company.

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