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9 Tips to Use the Periodic Table of Content Marketing


A periodic table for content marketing is an important to create. The first periodic table of elements is created by Dmitri Mendeleev in the direction of Danny Sullivan, who has created one based around SEO success factors.

This created table is divided into different types of content marketing and explained in various steps in the marketing process.

  • Use enough time to define a strategy
  • Understand the formats you plan on using.
  • Consider your content types that grab attention of your audience. Do research. Sketch Ideas and Develop
  • Spread your content across the key content distribution / social platforms.
  • Follow the key metrics, and map these to your goals.
  • Understand the main sharing triggers. Ensure to work the emotions.
  • Double check your work always

After going through marketing process steps, it’s time to know how to use the Periodic Table of Content Marketing.


Once you have clicked on the image, it appears large. It is reasonably clear. This image focused on eight different areas.


One can find content in many different sizes and shapes. It is essential to use multiple formats for a single piece of content. Here, we are writing a blog post for supporting visualization. It may create a video or slideshow as well.

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Strategy is one of the fundamental keys to success. Additionally, focus and planning are also important. One can require having a clear strategy that mapped your long-term business goals. Those users, who don’t have guidance and require some effective guidance, can contact to help. We are also providing best practice guide on content strategy.

Content Type

It is based on the common types of content that works marvelous for your business. There are many people that work for your brand as well. Many a time, you will also find different content types of a single piece of content. Additionally, you can also find such periodic table under some various types.


Such things are content distribution platforms. One might have some of these like websites, blogs and so on whereas other social sites are third parties, your network, and so on. With all such things, you can spread your word regarding your content.


There is no doubt that the periodic table need a tweak and thus, we have edited this post about 10 times after publishing it. You have to fix the errors and content should be proper optimized for social, search and also support your business goal.

Sharing Triggers

Sharing Triggers is mostly inspired by Unruly Media’s triggers that used for sharing content. You have to think emotional and ensure to make your people happy.


With metrics, you can easily measure the content’s performance. Here, we have grouped such metrics together. For example: Acquisition Metrics.

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Ensure to have all content that support your primary business goals, no matter it generate huge traffic or to increase sales or brand awareness.
Thus, here we have discussed some of the best use of periodic table of content marketing that surely worth for your business. If you want to implement this content marketing table for your eCommerce business, then contact Us with your requirements.

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