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Affordable Ecommerce Web Design Trends to Boost Sales


Have you check-out the business news that followed Black Friday and Cyber Monday? No. Really, you have missed biggest news as an ecommerce merchant because this year’s online holiday shopping seasons was one of the biggest seasons in the history.

There were lots of reports that reported online sales were up 16% as compared to 2010. But, in spite of these wonderful trends, there are lots of ecommerce websites that are only converting 1 to 4% of their leads.

On the hand, some other best ecommerce sites convert upward of 15% of their visitors. After reading this percentage, you will surely think that how they do it? When it comes to talking about what they do and how they do, there are lots of factors that should be considered to make ecommerce site successful. One of the major factors is the design of the ecommerce website.

So, whenever you design your eCommerce website, you need to keep these affordable eCommerce web design trends in your mind so that you can give your customers the best shopping experience and make your eCommerce business successful. Continue reading to know cost-effective eCommerce web design trends

First – Searching the Product

There are lots of ecommerce merchants, who think their customers leave their store because of the price, lack of customer service or lack of buyer’s intent. But there is nothing like that – one of the major reasons why ecommerce websites are failing is because shoppers or customers do not find what they are looking for.

Is it really difficult for ecommerce websites to guide their shoppers to purchase their desired products? It is essential to understand the phenomenon of customers.

If your site has a wonderful design, it has the capability to serve different needs of the users in a unified user interface. As an ecommerce merchant, it is your responsibility to help your customers to find their desired products in minimum steps.

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Each and every shopper has unique needs and different requirements, so it is essential to comprehend the needs of each shopper and provide him/her a satisfied service by helping in searching the products.

Second – Displaying The Products

Whenever a visitors lands on your site and he/she zeroes-in on a product, the conversion clock starts ticking, so it is one of the major responsibilities is to get the user to add the product in his shopping cart.

With lots of ways of arranging product detail page, various components and more that can help you out in retain shopper interest and compel him to purchase your product.


As we all know that all the people are visual creatures, so high-quality pictures and photos of the products can showcase your products in a unique manner. If you are providing only a picture of your product, ensure that your product has a distraction-free and natural colored background.

Ensure that the product is openly highlighted if you are showing your products in a lifestyle-oriented setting. However, if the design of your store does not allow you to show pictures at such a large size, you can allow your shoppers to have an option to view the picture in a modal window.


Believe it or not, but often shoppers abandon your cart because of the price of your products. So, it is recommended to determine to show the price of the product outside clearly and boldly.

Ensure that you do not ask them registration or to add the item before showing the price. As it can make your customers upset and he can leave your store and never come back.


You need to give huge attention to optimize it for conversions as your call-to-action attracts the user to click on the Add to Cart button.

It is better to use words like Add to cart as it seems like a no-brainer, but shoppers are apprehensive about the promise of “Buy Now” or puzzled when they see “Add to Bag.” As it is one of the major buttons of your site, so it is essential to mention it clearly with bold colors.

Third – Sealing the Deal

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One of the biggest problems a shopper needs to conquer is the frequent plagued and difficult check-out process. We all know that shopping is a fun-loving activity for all the shoppers, but spending money is not, so it is your job to get customers through the payment as easy as possible. Below you can find some tips that can help you out

Offer Online Chat Option

As per the Boldchat study, more than 76% of shoppers want to have an option of online chat while the check-out process. Because constant chat not only allows them to help them to get instant help with technical problems, but they can also get encouragement to complete their shopping or order.

One-page check-out process

For all the e-commerce merchants, it is one of the most important points to consider one-page checkout process as it helps your customers to complete their order without any hassle. If you have a long form on your site, it irritates your customers and forces them to leave your site.

Do not ask for registration

According to the latest report from Forrester’s research study, e-commerce sites that ask for registration before checking out decrease e-commerce conversions by a staggering 23%. For recognizing repeat shoppers and making the check-out process more reliable, registering users is the best tool.

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So, these are some of the basic steps that every e-commerce merchants should consider to make their e-commerce website successful and offer their customers the best experience that they ever get. However, if you are looking to get an affordable e-commerce web design service for your site, you can click here.

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