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Boost Your E-commerce Store Sale in Christmas


Online merchants are eagerly awaiting Christmas holidays. They see a big profit within this short span in the year. It compels them to kick off preparations in advance. Ecommerce merchants think of traffic spikes, which used to happen during the holiday sales.

Every Ecommerce merchant has a common goal for the festive season, and it is boosting the sales. At the present moment, the entire Ecommerce community is under the stress of preparations for Christmas-2018.

If you belong to that worried folk looking for the ways to enhance their holiday sales in upcoming December & January, the current post is exclusively for them. Here, I am going to share some useful tips extracted from the experiences of successful Ecommerce merchants in the USA and abroad.

Think of Right Ecommerce Platform

Just like a brick-and-mortar store, Ecommerce store should able to provide the best shopping experiences once a visitor steps in. It requires a right and capable platform that can provide you all bells & whistles such as features, functionality, compatibility, security, and superb performance. It must offer you room for the desired level of customization.

At present, a number of platforms are capable of delivering expected results, but Magento stands apart from the crowd. If you have futuristic plans to grow your business, you should look for Magento migration experts to help you in seamless and perfect Magento migration services.

Hire on-demand dedicated developers of desired skill & experience.

Refurbish Your Magento Storefront to Prepare It for Holiday Sales

Established Ecommerce businesses used to stay with technology and avoid significant changes regarding design, versions, and integrations. It is because they already have performed extensive customization and a big overhaul may cost them dearly.

Unfortunately, today trends and technologies marching ahead at rocket speed and keeping pace with all is mandatory to sustain as well as gain an edge over the competition. If your existing storefront lags in the race, you must think of revamping your Magento store with a capable and reliable Magento Ecommerce Development Company.

Create Festive Landing Pages in Your Magento Storefront

When you have everything is modern and updated at tech point of view, start thinking of designing landing pages keeping the next festive season. At present, our target should be Christmas-2018 and New Year-2019.

A lot of Christmas and New Year themes are available for your websites as well as templates for banners, emails, and social media content. Ask your preferred Magento development team to install a new theme or modify the existing one accordingly.

Of course, it demands to “Hire Magento Designer” and “Hire Magento Developer” packages signed well in advance. Massive rush to Magento development companies may lead you to have disappointment from the leading Magento development agencies and leaves you settle with a mediocre team.

Focus On a Vast Mobile Audience for Magento Design for Holiday Season

Mobile devices have dominated our life intensively. Our affinity and affection to smartphones and tablets are known. So, more than half of online shoppers come on ecommerce stores through mobiles. They eventually close the shopping with mobile payments thanks to advanced mobile technologies and techniques to ease the mobile shopping.

Mobile-friendly design, user experiences, quick product navigation, fast checkout, and secure payment are things, which a Magento merchant must consider while creating mobile experiences.

It is only possible with a full stack development team with prolonged experiences and deep expertise on the latest Magento technologies.

Take Festive Marketing Approaches in Magento Holiday Sales

Holiday gifts, discounts, freemium, gift cards, gift vouchers, combo packages of relevant products, and so on are traditional yet modern approaches to augment the holiday sales. E.g.

You can tag your festive incentives such as daily deals, deal of the hour, deals for a week or month, countdown clock, and other urgency creating labels on your Magento storefront. Moreover, you can select Christmas and New Year eves related products and modify the design of the chosen product pages accordingly.

Leverage “Word of Mouth” Marketing for Your Ecommerce Holiday Sales

Social media are like the ‘Hyde Park’ or speakers’ corner to deliver a free speech, opinions, and suggestions without any fear. Do you know when a majority favors a brand what happens? The ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing via social media triggers high sales thanks to sheer transparency and smartness of people participating in social networking sites.

Plan out SMO (Social Media Optimization) project with your Magento Development Company and leverage their expertise and experiences in festive SEO and SMO technologies and tools.

Perception System, USA offers 30% Discount on Festive SMO (Social Media Optimization) Campaign on the event of Christmas-2018!

Subscribe a Powerful Magento Support & Maintenance Service Package

Magento Support and Maintenance package is crucial for your success in holiday sales because it gives you guarantees to work without any disruption at all. You will find high performance, complete security, and myriads of other advantages in critical moments of holiday traffic spikes and several emergencies.

If you want to know more regarding what you will avail by subscribing a Magento S&M package, please go through my recent blog “Why Magento support and maintenance plan is essential for Christmas holiday 2018” and try to converse with the team to customize your plan as per your bespoke needs.

In a Nutshell

These are highly significant and crucial tips to leverage the most out of the present Christmas – 2018 holiday season and New Year – 2019 holiday sales. Unfortunately, these are inadequate in two sense.

Number one, due to space constraints adding more tips or describing the given hints in details is a nightmare here.

Hire dedicated team for your next web development project.

Number two, all tips and suggestions are not applicable to a unique Magento Ecommerce store. It demands personalized approaches. Fortunately, my Ecommerce development agency the Perception System, San Jose, USA provides free of charge Magento Ecommerce holiday sales consulting services on the eve of Christmas.

I cordially invite Magento merchants in the USA and abroad to get the best out of it and make your Christmas merry!