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Why Your Customers Are Leaving Your E-Store?


 Customers Leaving E-Store

From past 15 years, E-commerce stores are exist in the market, but still there are many e-stores, which fail to serve their precious customers delightfully. You would find some e-commerce companies that are failing in ensuring that every customer completes their transaction. We all know that it is very rare that a precious customer makes a purchase by just visiting a single e-commerce site.
Customers are visiting different websites and search for the same product in order to find-out the accurate price, quality and more. In order to purchase best products, lots of customers switch to different sites so that they could make a perfect decision after comparing product from different sites.
This is one of the most common ways of online buyers to purchase their desired product. But what makes your customers to leave your e-store? Have you thought anytime that why your precious customers are leaving your e-store and moving towards your competitors sites? I know, you don’t have answers of all these questions, but there is no need to bother about this as here I have explained why your customers are leaving your e-store.
Not having fast support channels:
It doesn’t matter whether customers are shopping from any physical store or any online store, they are always looking for customer support so that they can talk to real persons to get real-time assistance. If you are running an e-commerce store and it is your responsibility to provide your customers fast support channels so that they get quick solution for their problem.
If your customer calls for customer service helpline and if he needs to wait for long on holds, it can irritate him/her and it is not a pleasing customer experience for any online client. Sometimes, your customers need instant support and they can’t wait for any email and long hold, so it is important for you to provide your customers an immediate support channel such as Live Chat by which your customers can easily discuss their queries and get instant solution.
Unavailability of Information:
There are lots of ecommerce websites that provide image, price, name, small description and customers reviews of the products and they think that’s it. Well, providing such information is not enough as you need to provide link to your contact information, delivery charges, refunds procedure and more.
You should provide such information in easy to catch so that your customers find it in just 10 seconds. You know that online shoppers are always bothering about three things that is returns, contact information and delivery charges. So, it is essential for ecommerce sites to offer this information clearly so that they find it easy and get huge help in purchasing.
Difficult Check-out Process:
You know if you have difficult check-out process at your ecommerce site, your customers really find it irritating and leave your site at that time. You would find numerous ecommerce sites that has complex online check-out process that make your customers to cart abandonment.
Lengthy forms, filling email addresses, phone numbers and other wasting of time stuffs are extremely difficult and time consuming so avoids such things. We know that these formalities are quite important, but you need to make it an option rather than necessary.
Payment Methods:
Here, payment method means how easy your payment process is for your customers. You need to provide such payment process that allows your customers to easily pay the bill of products that they have purchased.
If you have such payment method by which your customers face an error, you need to provide one such page that helps your customers to solve their issue without any hassle. You should provide such payment method that has easy yet simple steps and the most importantly it has least steps.
We all know that there are lots of different ways to take payment for products but you are online, so here are some major ways PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card and Google check-out process. If you do not provide these methods, you should start providing these methods as soon as possible.
So, these are some of the major reasons that why your customers are leaving your e-stores. You can avoid these things and compel your customers to purchase products from your website. If you want to make your ecommerce site a customer ready, you can hire developer for ecommerce site, who can make your site more interactive than before.

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