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Dealing with Better Lead/Sales Conversions Problems? 6 Guaranteed Solutions


What’s common thing that all businesses today want? Any Guesses?? Let me tell you, every business wants to generate revenue, whether it is small-time owners, shareholders or co-founders.

There is no doubt generating revenue required to convert leads into customer and that is the primary reason why every business keeps focus on things like email marketing, compelling copy, and so on.

No matter how better your store and team perform, but at the end of the day, you only want a guarantee of purchase made by customers.

Purchasing only made with proper website and best customer care service. So, here we are going to list out 6 guaranteed solutions for ecommerce website to those online merchants, who wants to solve lead / sales conversions problems

Solution 1: Display More Product/Service Images

Shoppers have a mentality of picking products from the retail store and check as they are interested to purchase such products. Not like retail store, on website, your customers can’t able to hold products, so it is advisable to show many images and screenshots of single product.

Along with images, you can also provide information through text point-wise as people avoid reading long and lengthy paragraphs.

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Solution 2: Fix navigation

Some designers doesn’t design navigation at all, they are just designing as an afterthought. Visitors always want to know where they are right now and where they could go. It is mandatory to design navigation perfectly, considering a business objective.

Moreover, your products should be categorized properly, so shopper can easily find them and make a purchase. Recommendations, footers, design menus, and other elements of the website should be created by considering navigation bar.

Solution 3: The Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee is an excellent way to catch customers trust, which definitely improves your revenue sales conversion. As it is so popular as well trustworthy, it doesn’t seem as an advantageous but as a right.

If your product is extremely valuable like a car, then you have to go with an incredible difficult time to overcome from it with guarantee.

Solution 4: Low Price Guarantee

In case, a lifetime guarantee, or forever guarantee won’t work in your favor, you have to offer a low price guarantee right to your customers, just like Amazon.

If you pre-order any product from Amazon.com, it will guarantee you of least charge than other online merchants.

Moreover, they are also giving you guarantee of lowest price that simple means you will get refund of the difference, if it goes on sale, isn’t it a great thing?

Solution 5: Remove multiple calls to action

Looking at the multiple options on a landing page, shopper will get more frustrate and he/she gets confused between those options. This is known as the paradox of choice.

It is advisable to avoid “Watch a video”, “Learn more” and “Sign up for a free trial” buttons/links side by side as it makes your shopper confused.

People are looking for exact things; if we are listing all things together they get confused and may leave your store.

Solution 6: Do not miss out on social proof

If you want to enhance Lead/Sales Conversions, social proof is one of the better options. There are many online retailers delivering little social proof or showing too late on the landing page. Such things will harm your website or many a time, it will lose your customers.

Social Proof

image source : designinstruct
If we are considering prospective customer, they want particular product proven and tested. If you want to convince your clients easily, then add success stories, logos of companies you have worked with, testimonials, case studies, and so on with accurate details.

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These are some exceptional well solutions that solve your Lead / Sales Conversions Problems and deliver better Customer Experience.

If you want to make Customers Feel happy, then implement such solution in your e-commerce website.

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