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25 eCommerce Content Marketing Tools


We, the marketers, get little help from our friends related to content marketing. Content marketing is one of the best processes of developing and sharing content, including images, videos, blogs post to maintain customers.
We all know that create unique and relevant content is one of the challenging task, so we here, come up with 25 eCommerce content marketing tools that surely help you to promote your business.


TrendSpottr is one of the popular tools that help to show what’s trending. Using this tool, you can simply generate new ideas, search keywords to see the trendiest content. A real-time trend intelligence platform is offered by TrendSpottr that allows predicting emerging contents, sentiment for any topic, influencers, and so on.


The best source of knowledge, Quora helps you to give an answer of any question. Through Quore, you can get true and real answer from those people, who have actual experience of blogs and other related things.

Google Trends

Google Trends
In Google Trends, you can see what’s trending and can also measures the interest of topics for content ideas. If you want to get alerts for the topics, then you have to subscribe by entering your mail ID.

HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

This tool is quite funny and helpful tools that give you results with some hits and misses. HubSpot Blog Topic Generator is very simple to use, you just have to write 3 nouns that describes your business’s topics in the given boxes or add topics in which you want to write content and click on “Give Me Blog Topics”. You will get 5 different titles with unique concept.

Google Keyword Planner

Google AdWords
Those people, who are looking for the most popular option to research different keyword terms, can have Google Keyword Planner option. Additionally, we have a tool that helps to search out keyword terms, which are related to whatever term you type into the tool.
Just you have to type in whatever you think or check out the list of related terms to see whether you will get a cool idea or not. You will get the best idea that what you are looking for your content.


UberSuggest is a highly valuable and old suggestion tool that uses ideas of different sources after performing a search that will get suggestion results from A to Z based on your initial search. The best thing is you can gather all your created suggestions by just clicking “Get” and simply it copies and paste it into another application for sorting. It provides you an excellent chance of mining a lot of content ideas with an ease.

Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout, the most famous blog of Neil Patel, provides you a list of some popular content. For that, you just have to enter your competitors’ URLs and choose the social media tab to get a list. You just have to stir your own content ideas by learning what helps them.


Buzzsumo is one of the best content marketing tools that help to search the most shared content across all leading social networking sites, including Twitters, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on. Now, you can easily search content related to your keywords or new from competitors and authors.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Content Idea Generator
One of the most interesting content idea generating tools, Portent’s Content Idea Generator helps to create unique tiles or particular ideas for your writing stuff. You just have to enter a keyword and click to get title.


One of the best tools for monitoring competitors and tracking contents, TrackMaven helps you to filter your search what’s working. This tool also helps to know what your competitors are doing across all channels. You can learn to keep up with your competitors and what can able to know what causing changes in your competitor’s market to catch the chances.

LinkedIn Groups

Just like Quora, LinkedIn, a social networking site, has a group that offers a collection of recent questions, trends, and ideas. In LinkedIn group, you will find topics tend to be more niche focused. Moreover, the members are mostly experienced and talented professionals.


Paper.li is used by some of the most influential bloggers like Heidi Cohen, Lee Odden, and Guy Kawasaki to combined and share content. Paper.li is one of the best resources for audience and a collection of interesting content that most of the bloggers research for blog topics. This is free tools for all, you just have to create an account and start blogging.


Trap!t is a well-known tool about content curation or gathering various articles from the web to create a round-up type post. One of the best things about Trap!t is it gathers articles when you tell the tool your industry.
Additionally, browsing through article can also be possible so you don’t have to spend more time for searching on the web. Once you have searched an article, the tool will examine how article does with audience to help to choose wiser for the future.


ThinkLink enable you to create custom interactive images by adding clickable icons to text, links, video, music and so on. It is one of the leading platforms for developing videos and images for social, web, educational channels and advertising.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools are other outlets to search same keyword terms. It is one of the best options to deliver content ideas. Having this tool will help you to check-out which keywords are driving more traffic on specific website.
By looking at the keywords, you will get a clear idea about how to write content considering keywords.


Soovle is one of the best tools that take your keyword research to the new level by recommending searches from the Weather Channel, major search engines, Wikipedia, eBay, and so on. Being a simple to use site, bloggers can easily check-out keywords that has different audience uses to do for search.


Evernote is the most popular tools for organizing and gathering ideas about content or what you are searching on the web. Even, with Evernote, you can simply save content that you see online and want to save for later use.
You can also use the web clipper tool to save some part of an article. Additionally, you can also make notes every time you get some idea about writing articles or search for keywords.


Social Mention
SocialMention is another interesting social monitoring tool to get content ideas. Just you have to search particular term and you will get a list of related team that what you are looking for. One can simply limit their responses to the question to check what people asking just like the Advanced Twitter Search tool.
Additionally, you can also subscribe by email to get latest updates on any term you want.

Advanced Twitter Search

Advanced Twitter Search is an unpopular yet effective feature of Twitter. There is no doubt, Twitter is one of the best places to search out content ideas that actually audience wants to see.
Users will see there are many options to narrow down your search on Twitter when they click on the link to use this tool. Search option also includes words that have hash-tags. One of the most appropriate ways to use such service is through marketing that everyone to see only questions.
Addvocate is the best tools for measuring and tracking your own employees and allows you to know how they can share your content. It also prioritizes your content that you want your employees should focus first.


Gravity helps you to search out trendy topics that are hot on the web. It enables to check out articles and topics that will reverberate with your audience.

Sonar Solo

Sonar Solo
Sonar Solo is the latest tools that work with Wordmaps to create content ideas. This latest tools helps you to connect different keyword terms, which are in trends. You just have to type a word something that you want to search and this tool will map different sorts of trending terms that are related to the keywords.


One of my favorite online tools, Followerwonk is great resource for searching valuable content ideas along with key influencers within your social sphere. An easy to use interface is offered by Followerwonk that is now added in your SEOMOZ subscription.

Facebook Insights

A great analytics tool, Facebook Insights tool helps to search patterns of interacting on your Facebook Fan Page. Moreover, you can simple discover which type of content performs for your community.


Storify is another best curating tool for searching and sharing social media content. You just have to search story-worth content and use the drag-and-drop editor for creating remarkable media-rich experiences.
These are some of the best eCommerce content marketing tools that you must use in 2016 to know the exact keywords and trendiest topics related your eCommerce website.
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