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How E-commerce Website Get Rank #1 on Google Without Getting Penalized


Better ranking is dream of every eCommerce merchant as organic search traffic helps to enhance business growth.The problem is SEO changes continuously and no merchant wants a penalty by doing anything wrong.

We all know that updates, including Panda, Penguin, Google EMDs and recently Private Blog Network deindexing have rolling out by Google.
Those online merchants, who are tensioned about enjoying target traffic without getting penalized, them this post is especially for you.

According to Google’s mission statement, it is must for you to know the most recent Google updates.

“Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Content is king, there is no doubt. Keeping this in mind, you have to write content that up to the mark and fulfill your mission of rank well in leading search engines.

Thus, we are here going with some basic with SEO that helps to understands the latest SEO rules, how to deal with on-page and off-page tactics, tips to optimize site for humans and robots.

With this guide, you will find steps for optimizing and enhancing your Google ranking that generate more traffic to your eCommerce site without getting penalized.

Through this post, we will discuss below given points.

  • How to build links in the proper way?
  • Tips to evaluate your current search ranking
  • Best ways to do keyword research
  • How to track the right metrics?
  • How to identify and analyze penalties?
  • Go after your keywords with great content

1. Tips to evaluate your current search ranking

Keyword Position

Online merchants must have to know the current position of their keywords before enhancing site’s search ranking. It is must even your site is new. Many online tools and resources are available that provides you information.

To check site’s keyword rank, it is best to use smallseotools. One can easily target particular keywords by using smallseotools.com. In order to search particular keywords, you have to write your domain in first column then enter your keywords (you can enter up to 20 keywords). Now, choose search engines and page range.

The results will show where your website ranks in three leading search engines.

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It’s time to Check website’s speed

It is must to check website’s speed as it is one of the important Google ranking factors. Having slow website results into a little chance of high search position. Additionally, it also affects your sales as well.

For example: XYZ Company experienced huge decline in conversion when it’s loading time increased by 4 seconds from 1 second. Thus, it is must to run the speed test of your own site. In addition to, there are many tools to check website’s speed. Some of them are:

speed test
Google Sandbox

For example: Let’s test website speed with Pingdom. For that, you have to go to tools.pingdom.com and enter your website then click on “Test Now” and wait for result to load.

It is preferred to increase your site’s performance as high as possible. A performance grade of 97 is registered by Perception System, however your website registers more than 50 is considered as a good start.

Moreover, if you are finding a performance grade of less than 50 then you have to work on enhancing speed. You also have to check your website loading time. Perception System is a quite high about 5.94 seconds. It is advisable to aim for 2 seconds for loading site fast and 1 second for mobile devices. It is researched that about 47% of Americans’ site loads under 2 seconds.

Check site health

Before start optimizing, it is compulsory to check the health of website, after checking keyword ranking and website speed. If you have experienced a sudden drop in organic traffic or thinking that Google has deindexed (or banned) your site, then Google Sandbox and Penalty Checker Tool is helpful. You just have to enter URL and click on the ‘Check’ button.If everything seems to be fine then you will get message: “blogs.perceptionsystem.com looks OK!” If you don’t find your site is perfect, then go through this article to recover your Google ranking. Domain age is another aspect of site health.

According to Matt Cutts, “the difference between a six month old domain and a one year old domain name is not huge at all,”, however, it doesn’t mean it is irrelevant.


More than 160,000 SERPs (search engine results pages) and 1.6 million URLs are analyzed by SerpIQ. That results that domain age contributed to #1 ranking for the main domain names. Check out graph for more information. That simply means you need patience. Your ranking should increase when your domain ages.

2. How to track the right metrics?


Tracking the right metrics is also important for your website to check which factors you have to enhance. Below you find essential metrics to evaluate.

Search Engine Traffic

It is important to check out how many visitors come at your site through Google, a leading search engine. This is one of the best ways to evaluate its success.

According to one chart published on Business2Community shows that about 52% of Hubspot’s leads in 2012 from search engines. The importance of SEO is showed Hubspot’s chart in lead conversion.

If you want to check out how many visitors reach your site, you have to log into Google Analytics account and check out the acquisition channels report. For more information, you can go through Google Analytics video tutorial.

Keyword Ranking For Commercial Keywords: The #1 keyword research mistake is not spending time on commercial keywords, according to Brian Dean. It is because commercial keywords help to make money.

It is must to understand the difference between commercial and informational keywords to enhance your ranking and make money.No matter your keywords are informational, you can easily generate organic traffic. However, converting those visitors with buyers may be difficult as most of visitors are looking for informational keywords such as

  • How to install WooCommerce plug-in
  • Home remedies to get fairer skin
  • 10 free article spinner sites
  • How to make money online within 7 days
  • Free ebook download

Above phrase are used by such visitors, who are not in buying mood as they must be looking for something comes for free.
On the contrary, visitors are using keywords like:

  • Top 10 web development companies
  • Best Acne Products
  • Android Developers in Florida

are looking for a solution to purchase. Those people, who are in eCommerce industries, will easily identify commercial keywords be likely to convert it brilliantly. You will also find words below as a prefix (before) or suffix (after) also do well.

  • Deal
  • Shipping
  • Order
  • Discount
  • Buy
  • Coupon
  • Review
  • Purchase

Before, I walked through deciding process the keywords, which are sending you search engine traffic of your eCommerce site. Check out example. Have you ever differentiate difference between commercial and informational keywords?

Arrange SEO dashboard to track these metrics

It is recommended to set up an SEO dashboard for tracking all essential metrics at any time. Check out example from bringshare.com

One can get richer keyword data by setting up dashboards in Google Analytics to connect Google Webmaster Tools with Google Analytics.
Go through a guide from SERPs.com.

3. Diagnose and Analyze Penalties

Linkebuilding Schem

After understanding your search ranking and tracking, it’s time to examine your eCommerce website in details to check whether your site has any penalties effects or not.It is essential as there is no single point of creating or promoting links to any unhealthy website.

How link building has changed?

Until 2012, spammy links enhanced organic ranking for many people. Let’s go through Moz case study to check out how website is using link schemes for creating inbound links.

Right now, Google updates simply means link schemes that don’t work. If you are using them, you will invite a penalty instead of reaping a reward.

Thus, it is vital to know how to generate links to your sites as Matt Cutts says links should be natural rather than it shouldn’t just LOOK natural.
In order to get that, you have to recognize and deduct unhealthy links. Below gives tips helps to do so.

Analyze links

First of all you have to analyze inbound links of your eCommerce website. Uncountable number of analysis tools is available such as:

Open Site Explorer
Moz 2015-01-20 11-43-43
Anchor Text

Let’s analysis links by using Open Site Explorer, you have to the page and enter your URL. Now, you have to click on “Search” to get the result.

Valid Unique Backlinks

It displays the number of links that affects (directly or indirectly) to your Google ranking. Here, the word “Unique” means the links come from different IPs. It is one of the best ways to recognize a natural link. Such types of links have been indexed by Google in the 3 months.

Nofollow links

In 2005, the rel= “nofollow” tag is introduced by Google to stop spammy blog comments from artificially manipulating rankings. It becomes compulsory to expand your link profile after the Google Penguin update. According to Matt Cutts, it is must to have a combination of dofollow and no follow links.


It is essential to know your industry so you can easily identify relevant links that enhance your backlink profile.

Link Influence Score

This displays how the search engine rankings of linked pages are influenced by the links from the website. It is better to have higher LIS.

Anchor text

Penguin update of Google was rolled out to avoid site owners from manipulating search results with exact match anchor text. It is advisable expand your anchor text if you want to stay under the penalty radar. Moreover, it is also essential to know which links are best for your eCommerce site so you can delete unhealthy links. With Google Penguin 2.0, it becomes much easier to recognize low quality links. Links that are

  • mostly site wide links
  • come from sites on the same IP class address
  • comes from web pages with a lot of external links
  • come from PR-n/a or PR0 websites
  • from referring domain names with little traffic
Monitor Backlinks

Many different types of free tools are available to identify unhealthy links. Two of my favorite is Linkquidator and Backlinks. Check for unhealthy links with Monitor Backlinks. You just have to enter URL and click on “Search” option to check out unnatural links. Moreover, you have to export the list of unhealthy links that you have found. In this way, you can easily refer them shortly.

Avoid rushing to remove the page itself when you find spammy links that point to your page. It is links that you have to remove. In next step, you have to clean up your link profile and there are two ways of that.

Request manual link removal

Now, you have to visit the website, where you have found unhealthy/unnatural links and thus, contact the site owner.

You have to ask the site owner whether he/she remove your link or add a nofollow tag to it.

Those eCommerce site owners, who have outsourced link building previously, can contact the person, who has placed the links for your website to remove unhealthy links. Here, you will find post in Search Engine World blog that show how it’s work

In such case, it is available do not ask the site owners to remove your links as they will suppose you are a spammers and thus, ignore you. It would be great to follow this tutorial from Search Engine Journal to learn how to contact webmasters regarding link removal.

Use Google’s disavow links tool

Those people, who are unable to remove unhealthy links, can have one option, i.e. Google’s own disavow links tool. Alternatively, manual link removal is secondary option to choose.

The disavow links tool is one of the parts of the Google Webmaster Tools. In order to use this tool, you have to click on the link above to go directly to the tool. You will see the list of all your websites.

You have to go to the site for which you want to disavow links. For more information, see below image.

You will also find option to export the links you have searched when you check for unnatural links. Once, you have done then click upload the file, and click “done”.

Just like you, Google also doesn’t have links as they don’t have access to the referring sites. But, looking this authorizes Google to stop passing link juice from those links to your website.

Diversify anchor text distribution

Anchor text also plays an important role in enhancing or destroying search engine ranking. Those people, who want a natural link profile, can have to diversify anchor text. Anchor text distribution looks at how one can spread keywords when creating links.

Check out below given chart for some recommendations:

Think about below given types when distributing your anchor text.

  • URL – Such type of link building is straightforward link building, having complete URL, i.e. searchengineland
  • Exact match- Check out the anchor text match the keyword that you are targeting? Example: comfort bikes
  • Keyword branded- Here, you can use the combination of anchor text with the target keyword. E.g. getting started with wordpress development
  • Phrase – Check out the anchor text has keyword phrase? Example: how to find best hotel deals
  • Brand Name – This is where you can use your brand names as the anchor text, so make it natural, e.g. costco refrigerator.

Let’s suppose your website offers web development service. If your domain name is webdevelopmentcompany.com, then how you can distribute your anchor text? If you are linking three times from a particular website, then it is best to use below given links to your profile.

  • Anchor text 1: web development service review – target page: a client’s testimonial page
  • Anchor text 2: www.webdevelopmentcompany.com reviews – target page: your store
  • Anchor text 3: webdevelopmentcompany.com site – target page: homepage

Avoid over-optimization

Overusing anchor texts results into over-optimization and your site can also get penalized. Check out below percentage suggested by Geoff Kenyon. Follow below given guidelines to avoid over-optimization.

  • Avoid irrelevant links
  • Avoid excessively keyword-rich anchor text

For more information about over-optimization, visit here.

4. Do Keyword Research

Keyword Planner
Google AdWords

Those people, who get unnatural links, can have to improve SEO strategy. One of the best elements of effective marketing strategy is to do keyword research. Before doing research, you have to understand how research works.

One can have to pinpoint the keywords that your targeted audience is using. Check out below process to search website. You just have to login in to your Google Account and enter Google Keywords Planner.

Now, you have to click “search for new keyword and ad group ideas”, option available on the dashboard. Now, you have to input your primary keyword. You have to use Android app tutorials.

Once you have clicked on the “keywords” tab, you can see keywords and their respective search volume for the month When researching keywords, you are simply getting firsthand information related to your targeted audience that you always wanted to know.

Keyword Analysis to Improve Content

We all know that there is no optimal ratio available for placing keywords in a piece of content. But, it is advisable to target is of maximum importance. It is basic points for keyword analysis.

One can find difficulty to enhance your ranking and conversion rates unless they know the queries qualified visitor’s type into Google. You must know how to do keyword research and such can be an easiest part. But, the difficult one is to know which keywords create enough organic traffic.

Previously, we have walked through the process of generating the best keywords by using Serpfruit. Now, we are going to search out the real keywords that actually people are searching into Google before your web page displays.

If you are using such keywords for writing content then it increases Google ranking for your web page. How one can replace target keywords in the content? Here are tips, if you want to write detailed review on “Application development service” then below are some titles

  • Application development service for small businesses
  • Guide to find best application development service
  • Best Application Development Service – The Ultimate Guide

5. Go After Your Keywords with Great Content


In this section, we should concentrate on the keyword placement after researching keywords. There are many people have misunderstood the whole core of keyword research and placement.

It is advisable to optimize informational keywords and enhance your search engine ranking by writing resourceful and detailed content. With this, you will grab attention of people, your informational content will be shared on social media and thus, you will get high PR links naturally.

Those people, who need help to write resourceful and detailed content, can follow below given guidelines.

Use Storytelling

Ensure to create stories that fascinate your audience and enhance your conversion rates.

Suffuse your own experiences

No matter, it is good or bad, it is advisable to write your own experience as the part of message. Readers like to read true stories not a fake one.

Start with some uniqueness

Start writing your content with unique message helps you to connect with your audience. Preferably, this content should connect with your audience’s questions.

Call to Action

Every story has a proper ending and at the end of the story, audience expects you proper solution for them. So, it is advisable to provide a call-to-action buttons through which you can solve their problems.

Use Data-Driven Articles

Using data-driven approach helps to increase your traffic. It is must to backup the facts with proper data so one can see your content as authoritative.

Add numbers

Adding numbers in the title makes more attractive. Suppose the headline was “Americans are Completely Wrong about This Mind-Blowing Fact” then surely social sharing would be lower than the post headline “6 SEO Basic Tips For Optimizing Your Site”.

Raise Curiosity

Raising curiosity will make people to click on your headline. However, you have to do with some caution and deliver what you have actually promised to your readers.

For Example:

  • 7 Weight Loss Secrets You Didn’t Know
  • How to create Perfect Domain Name or Twitter Username

6. How to build links in the proper way?

Edit Post

We have already analyzed links of the websites by using proper tool. Now, we are moving forward to create links in the most appropriate way.

Image links

When you are writing posts or guest posts, ensure to use images to create links. Here, we have done by in WordPress. You have to type the keyword in the “Alt Text” box when adding an image to a post. Such images are indexed by users that simply mean you will get back links to your website.

Anchor text linking (in-text links)

Anchor text links are one of the simplest links that seem within the content. Check out below image for more understanding.

Scale link building

Adopting link diversity is one of the best ways to generate Google-friendly links and enhance your rankings without getting any penalty.

There are many old techniques such as wiki sites, forum posting, directory submission, and so on that doesn’t work and thus, one can have to switch to write content that provides you links from international, local and regional sites.

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Editorial links

One can easily create shareable and useful content by following this SEO guide According to the Google, what other people say is much important and relevant than what you have said about yourself.

Wrapping Thoughts

From above discussion, we come to know that Google ranking only achieve by targeting proper audience, identify keywords, useful and informative content. Implementing all such things will surely allow your site to rank well in search engine without getting penalized.

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