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15 Tried and Tested Marketing Ways to Find New Customers


Find New Customers

We all know customers are the lifeline of every business. However, if you are running an online store, you will be a little more desperate for getting new customers to turn that project into a proper business.

But if you are running an already constituted business, you need way to bring a lot of customers to your business through the virtual doors. A particular way of getting new sales is by the means of inevitable revenue, helping people to plan and invest accordingly.

But how will you bring new customers to your online business? What are the best ways to find new customers?

Well, there is an accurate answer to this question as it mainly depends upon the size of your business and people to whom you are selling. If you are just starting out, you can easily boost sales of your business by reaching out to family and friends. When it comes to talking about an eCommerce business with $1 million in revenues, all those stores won’t help move the needle.

You are not the only store that is facing this problem or we can say challenge.

When it comes to find the growth channel, two years ago, a book was published named Traction. This book outlines a framework to help find the right growth channel for your business irrespective of the type of business, industry and stage.

However, here, you can find the framework, so searching the marketing channel, which works for your eCommerce store becomes easy for you. Below, you can find different channels that you can use to get traction.

Brainstorming Ideas

Initially, you should go through the complete list of different channels that are mentioned below and think about some of the ideas about how you can bring leverage to every channel. You might be familiar with some of these channels, and it is what you should focus on. Especially in the beginning, it is essential that you keep your mind open and consider other avenues to pursue.

It also means that you can discover traction channels, which are under-use in your industry. However, still, its the brainstorming stage, so you can get your innovative juices flowing

Evaluating your ideas

Now, it is time for giving your ideas a little more thought. You can get huge help in evaluating them by using the following mentioned criteria:

  • How likely does it seem that this idea will work?
  • Through this channel, how many customers can you expect to acquire?
  • How much does it cost to acquire a customer in this channel?
  • What is the time-frame required to run tests?

If you do not have right answers to all these questions, there is no need to bother at all. Besides this, you should not reject a particular channel because you think that it might not generate huge results or will be too much work to keep-up. You can do whatever you desire in order to move the needle while starting off.

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Prioritize the Channels

Today, you can easily get an actual view of channels that make sense by putting numbers on paper. You should also try to make a shortlist of two to three channels and think about different ways of, how you could test them on a small scale.

Ensure that you do not over think or try to have everything perfect about it. However, if you are regarding running Facebook ads, you should run at least 2 ads for a few weeks and check the results.

You can also have a small get together if you think that offline events are the way to go, when you see many people turning up and what kind of response you are getting.

If you begin with two or three channels, you can run test in parallel. You can easily pinch your ads campaigns, if you are waiting for replies from people. You can also try to get more deeper answers for the following questions while designing and running these tests.

  • How much it costs to acquire a customer in this channel?
  • Is the channel offering you the customers that you want?
  • How many customers are you expecting to acquire through this channel?

These mentioned questions are mainly focused on generating sales, but don’t get demoralized if the orders don’t come. In any case, if you are not seeing sales coming, you can look out for some of the other signs, which is whether you are on the right track or not.

New email sign ups, positive feedback from people on your website and visitors browsing the product page on your website are the things that can help. The main aim of getting huge customers, is to test which of these channels can help you out in boosting traction.


Now, if you have discovered a channel that you see as beneficial, it’s time to go deeper and focus. You can invest your huge time and resources to learn everything that you wanted to. Do you see any companies in other industries that had success with this channel? What are the approaches that you want to use for your store?

You should also try to break down various parts of it, which will result in huge success in this channel. After that, you can also find-out how you can enhance every single part exceptionally. You can also begin to test ad copy, landing pages and different keywords once you get promising results from Adwords campaign.

Make sure that your main aim must be to focus on this channel and keep boosting it until it stops working. Perhaps, you have expanded yourself so much that the number of customers you are getting through this channel are not worthy anymore.

If it is so then you should stop yourself as it’s time to go back to brainstorming stage and look for next traction channel.

Likewise, your business will keep expanding and your traction channels keep changing. Huge brand recognition, more industry contacts, a bigger marketing budget and many new opportunities will present themselves with a bigger email list.

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Marketing Channels

1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM or PPC)

It helps people in showing test or product advertisements next to applicable search queries in the search results of Google or Bing. Customers search for a solution to their problems using these types of campaigns. Those types of customers are more responsive to good offers.

2. Email Marketing

You can easily stay on top-most position and generate huge revenue by just gathering email addresses of prospects or customers and engaging them with creative content and top offers.

3. Social & Display Ads

Social and display ads are the banner ads on websites, apps or on social networks such as Facebook or Reddit. If you want to target a customer, who is reading a news article or checking updates on Facebook, you have to be unique and offer a message, which grabs her attention.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is one such process through which you can rank your website higher in the search results. Often it can be done by creating good content, which attracts customers and links.

5. Offline Ads

When it comes to talking about offline Ads, these are traditional advertisements in magazines, billboards, newspaper, on radio or TV. Making use of these in order to market your store might be antagonistic self-generated; however, they still provide an excellent way to reach big audience.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a wonderful strategy through which a third-party can draw huge traffic to their website. They can also pay a commission for every single sale, which results from this traffic.

7. Business Development

Now, you should develop strong partnerships with other people or companies so that you can exchange value. To reach more customers, you need to reach their network while you can also provide them value through your audience or network.

8. Content Marketing

Create content that attracts potential customers and resonates with them. This can be anything like images, text articles or videos.

9. Offline Events

Apart from virtual community building, you can easily make events to develop a tight knit community, it will be like a small getting together with the best customers, a tasting session, a workshop or a full-fledged pop-up shop.

10. Sales

It is necessary that sometimes they need some kind of little encouragement or deep advice to select the right product for themselves. It can easily convert your store from different types of sales to more of a lead generation approach. Here, the main focus is on convincing prospects to call in or leave their details for further follow-up.

11. Community Building

If you have a lot of visitors, selling becomes a lot easier as it follows and believes in what you do. You can easily develop this community on different platforms through email, in the comments on your blog.

12. Viral Marketing

Through viral marketing, people can easily get their content, and story to spread according to their desire. These are the most bizarre, awesome and scary things. It is quite difficult to get a hard channel to get right or your first run likely not be a home-run.

13. Existing Platforms

All those customers that you are looking for and want are already hanging out online. It is easy for you to reach them on platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

It is also easily possible for you to figure out a simple way to reach them and get more exposure for your message once you get to know where your potential customers are hanging out.

14. Blogger Outreach

You are capable enough to gain more exposure for your store by connecting with relevant blogs in your space. It is essential to provide something that is of value to the blogger. You can provide them some of the products as a giveaway on their website or send them free gear to review.

15. Trade Show

Probably, this is the best opportunity to expand your community if it is a consumer focused trade show. If you are developing your own products, this is the best place for you to get new partnerships with distributors.

So, these are the top 15 marketing channels that can help you expand your store to the next level. However, if you are looking forward to get assistance from professionals, you can contact us.

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