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Some Minor Changes Can Give Big Increment in Conversion Rates


One of the biggest dreams of any online businessman is to get maximum lift with small amount of investment in optimization.

If you are also running an online business, and you wanted to get high lift, some simple yet minor changes can give big increment in conversion rates of your business.

However, it is also true that identifying such opportunities is quite difficult. To make your task easy, here we are going to give a close look at how, when and why some small and minor changes can give huge impact on boosting conversion rates.

How any simple landing page copy tweak made an 18.59% conversion raise?

Recently, one test has been performed on the landing page for free ebook 7 Universal conversion optimization principles and the website has generated an 18.59% boost in downloads by simply tweaking one simple bullet point.

Many of you all think that how it is possible – changing some words in one bullet point can give that much of impact on conversion rate.

However, the first bullet point holds a very important position on the page, and as per the analysis with eyequant the first few words of this bullet point can easily attract very first attention from visitors.

We also know that the landing page’s headline is one such thing that any visitor reads, so you should make it as clear as possible.

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If you go with any poorly written headline, it will bore and confuse your visitors, so remember to write a headline that compels your visitors to give deep look on your site.

When and why minor changes of your site make impact on conversion?

It is must that it has a big impact in the main of the viewer to have any change on conversion. Some small and minor changes can have a major impact when they

  • Are made deliberately to a well-known element on the landing page
  • Are generated tactically to a mission critical element on the landing page
  • Make sure to address a pain or mental barrier, which situates in the way of the prospect making the accurate decision on the landing page.

Addressing a mental barrier to make a big impact

When I first decide to read any free ebooks, there is another mental fence that I come to know from my own action. Reading this free e-book really worth? When I address this question on my ebook landing page, I have put some social proof in terms of testimonials from expert and leaders, who have read the book.

Addressing a mental barrier

At the control landing page, you can find four testimonials at the bottom of the page then I realized that testimonials can give more impact, if they are placed on the top of the pages, so they can be easily viewed and noticed by the visitor whenever he/she lands on the page.

Can you imagine that the test that has performed on this book has boosted downloads number of this book by 64.53%? Yes, you read it correct this test increased downloads by such huge percentage.

Mission critical elements play a biggest role on your landing page

When it comes to mission-critical elements, they are playing major role on your landing page as your prospects are interacting with it and getting to the next step in the conversion funnel.

If you are thinking about mission-critical elements, no need to scratch your head as call-to-action buttons are great example of these elements.

However, CTA buttons seem like insignificant design element, but they play a crucial part in the conversion series and have direct impact on the actions of your prospects no matter whether you are asking them to download a PSF or asking for filling out a form.

In short, the CTA buttons of your site are symbolizing the tilting point between bounce and conversion.

CTA buttons

You would also find some sites that have changed the button copy from Order information and Prices to Get Information and Prices and those websites have boosted conversion rates by 14.79%. We can say that it is a delicate change, but it changes the apparent value of clicking the button.

We all know that order explains what I have to do when I click the button, but Get explains what I gain by clicking the button. The more amount of value you will to your CTA copy, the more clicks the button will get.

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So, these are some small and minor changes that can give huge impact on increasing conversion rates of your e-commerce website. If you are looking to get more information about e-commerce solution, you can click here.

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