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8 Mobile Marketing Trends for 2015 To Implement


In 2014, we have seen about $32.71 billion profit generation in the mobile marketing industry.

So, it is obvious we have bright future in 2015 as users wanted to explore content on the go. This year, mobile commerce has taken a big leap and growing rapidly than desktop eCommerce.

This can be identified through IBM’s Digital Analytics, “mobile sales on accounted for 22% of online sales [on Cyber Monday], an increase of more than 27% compared to the previous year.”

It is predictable that mobile marketing spends about $65 billion by 2019 (in the US alone). And thus, huge profit is obvious for mobile business.

There are many trends introducing in the mobile market that listed here and enable you to take advantage through it.

Use Behavioral data to target ads

With the help of behavioral data of users, one can easily target ads and increase conversions.

One can easily analysis the behavior pattern on the basis of the shopping habits, website’s preference, and many different types of data inputs.

The main aim is to build a pattern in order to use information available in ads that make particular users interested.

Moreover, when ad is solely targeted, user acquisition and engagement usually dash.

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Hijacking Popular Apps

One of the best ways to get exposure is by advertising on other popular mobile application when you are going to start mobile app marketing.

Such thing is known as mobile app install ads and this is one of the well-known marketing of apps techniques.

This is one of the best opportunities for companies to get creative and tap into super-targeted user groups.

Video Ads Are On Top Priority

We have seen huge changes in advertising on mobile phones and this trend will continue in 2015.

Bigger and better phone’s screen will be increasing the popularity of video ads on mobile phones.

Additionally, as compare to pure image and text-based ads, video ads are more engaging. It tells you a compelling company story and creates a stronger brand with ease.

Ultimately, one can have more customers and business.

Tracking ROI is getting real

Some of you have an idea that app ecosystem is not connected well and thus, it becomes difficult to track ads once user install application.

As we have entered in 2015, it becomes easy to collect data from such type of application with ease and even, it is possible to track advertisement.

Choose Channel that Suits Your Business

No doubt, one can have many ad channels available to adopt for mobile marketing.

However, you have to choose the best one that suited for your business. One can have to careful when tracking the best user acquisition, if they have multiple ad streams.

If you have understood this trend then you surely make a better investment decision.

mCommerce becomes new eCommerce

According to the Amazon’s sales, about 60% of sales comes from mobile users during the 2014 holiday season.

We have seen about 76% mobile sales go up on Cyber Monday as compare to other days.

So, it is can be confirmed that mobile commerce is making its strong place in the eCommerce market.

Smartphone and tablet are in Demand than TV for Advertisement

Most of the people are spending an average 177 minutes per day by staring at mobile device and thus, it is one of the best means to market business through mobile.

In-App Promotion Is Increasing

We have seen in-app promotion become more popular and mature than before as user acquisition is getting harder and searching for proper audience is one of the difficult task.

Such trend will have more to perform with deep linking in the application and controlling how advertisements are served through programs.

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Thus, more users will be targeted by ads and huge resource and time will be saved.

Above given are some of the best mobile marketing trends to adopt for your business however; you have to choose just one from listed and take advantage of it.

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