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Leverage Prestashop Features to Boost Your Online Store Growth

Leverage Prestashop New Features To Boost Your Online Store Growth

However, as well as all these brilliant basic features, Prestashop is always developing and growing. New features are being added all the time to help you create the perfect online shop for your business.

Prestashop comes with a huge range of add ons, making it simple to customise your shop and add all the features that make it easy to sell online. The purchasing process is the final hurdle between turning interested into business sales, so using a platform that makes this as straightforward as possible makes good business sense.

Use the basic Prestashop platform to set up your shop then think about what additional features would make the process clearer and simpler. Below are ten of the very latest add ons and new features that could save you time and money and change the way you do business.

Bulk product uploading and updating

Prestashop lets you upload multiple products at any one time, or make updates to multiple products. If you have ever created an online shop for your business and been involved in the painstaking business of putting each product up individually, you’ll know how long this can take. Making updates to all or some products can also be very time consuming, so this bulk upload feature is a real winner.

Real-time syncing

This add on allows you to synchronise between two stores. Sync orders, status and stock between two Prestashop stores to help you improve catalogue management.

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Retire or re-inject products to the marketplace

Run out of stock, changing your product range for the season, or want to bring back a best-selling classic? You can do all that with ease with Prestashop. If one product is out of stock, then you can simply remove it from your shop for a short period and reinsert it when your next delivery comes in. This will save time dealing with enquiries and mistaken orders.

Custom pricing

Need to add an element of custom pricing for one or more products? Special or limited additions can be added to the store with ease, with customisable pricing options making it easy to keep track.

Threshold inventory

Keep a close eye on your stock and set stock threshold limits for certain products to flag up that you’re running short or that it is time to order more. Consumers find it very frustrating when orders are canceled due to lack of a stock and it can all be managed better with this feature.

Return & refund management

As well as products going out, some come back in again. Depending on your returns policy, this could be a big part of the business. But you can’t afford to ignore returned items and you need a system to manage these as much as outgoing order and stock. This add on feature lets you track and log returned orders so that they can easily be returned to your main inventory.

Shipping management

This module allows you to control orders before shipping and optimise your business processes. Shipping can be a tricky business but with just a few clicks you can stay on top of your orders and outgoing deliveries.

Auto-acknowledgement of orders

When customers place orders they need to know that everything has gone through. It’s a big part of the trust involved in online shopping. Send out automated acknowledgement and you could save yourself a huge amount of time dealing with order queries. It’s also a good way to encourage customers to come back for repeat orders or to promote other similar products that you have in stock.

Instant updates via notifications

When orders are received, processed and dispatched, both you and the customer need to be made aware. Likewise, when stock is running low or other actions are needed. With instant updates from Prestashop you can control and manage your shop in real time, taking the necessary measures as and when needed.

Profile-based product upload

Uploading a number of products in the same range? Then you can do so using a profile-based system that groups similar products together. You can import groups of products together, making upselling and additional sales a real possibility.

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In conclusion

Prestashop makes setting up and managing your online shop easy. From quick uploads of products, customer acknowledgment automation and stock inventory, it really takes the time and stress out of managing your shop.

Perception System is an authorised partner of Prestashop and have worked with their software to help set up countless e-commerce operations. If it’s time that your online shop had a facelift, or you’re a new business looking to create your first online selling platform, get in touch with our e-commerce experts. Our Prestashop development team is up to date with all the latest modules and add ons, meaning our Prestashop development services are second to none.

You can use Prestashop to do a huge range of things to your site with ease – why not add a store locator map, auto-address completer or blog and social media feeds? It’s all about making your site as engaging and user-friendly as possible. Make all the relevant product information easy to use, with photos and video content displaying it in the best possible light. Use advanced stock indicators to see what your levels are like, with real-time notifications keeping you up to date. Prestashop is a one-stop destination for all your online business needs.

Get in touch with our team now and find out more about how we can use Prestashop to help you build a successful and thriving business.