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Pros and Cons of Custom and Pre-made eCommerce Templates – Which Becomes Merchant’s Choice?


Usually, online merchants are getting confused while developing an online business as they have to choose between readymade and custom ecommerce template development. However, both the options are different in processing, functions and outcomes.

Choosing a readymade solution brings limitations and fails to delivers unique solution while custom solution is a step ahead in functionality and proves affordable too. To clear merchant’s mind, we are going to differentiate both types of eCommerce templates and make easy for you to choose from.

Advantages of Custom eCommerce Template

One of the most excellent advantages of custom templates is you will be only admin or company to sport that theme online. As we have millions of templates online, so it is obvious that pre-made theme is used by many people. Thus, it is right to be different from others by taking advantage of custom eCommerce template.

Another advantage of a custom template is its custom functionality. Having custom theme you can simple custom elements taking help from developers to succeed in your exact areas.

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Disadvantages of Custom eCommerce Theme

The biggest disadvantage for owners to adopt custom eCommerce theme is its high cost. Adopting custom theme costs you thousands of dollars, depending on the size, type and functionality of your theme.

Previously, making investment to enhance brand presence delivers best outcome to boost your business. However these days, it can break or make you. So, it is advisable to spend amount on your website and make a good business investment.

The only thing one should have to look after is whether your custom theme comes with future updates, bug fixes, etc. OR developers address you about such things. If he/she is not, then you have to search out another expert for such things.

Advantages of Pre-made eCommerce Templates

Pre-made eCommerce templates are available at affordable rates. On other hands, there are some templates available at high cost, usually under $100. Shoppers shouldn’t find custom option at that prices and thus, it is advisable to search out such pre-made theme that fulfills all your requirements and saves a lot of cash.

One more advantage of pre-made template is it is future-proofing. Many excellent themes come with a large/active community, regular updates, and good support that help online merchants in customizing, troubleshooting, etc.

Disadvantages of Pre-made eCommerce Templates

The disadvantage of adopting a per-made eCommerce template depends on who you purchase from. There are many questions arises while selecting pre-made eCommerce templates like: What’s their support like? Is there code clean? Do they chase the optional ecommerce development best practices?

The answers of such questions are must to know, if you want to choose right author or purchasing pre-made eCommerce templates. After answering this question, you only able to consider basics points like theme design, features, price and so on.

No matter what type of pre-made theme you are choosing, it is must to choose with limited customizability. Especially, you are purchasing theme as you are not getting theme of your choice.

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Final Thoughts

No matter what kind of template you are choosing for your eCommerce website. It is must to consider requirements first and decide proper alternative for your business.

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