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Reward Repeat Customers – 10 Tips to Implement on Your eCommerce Site


If you are working hard to boost revenue, social mentions and want to build a loyal following, but not rewarding your repeat customers, you can’t run a successful eCommerce business.

Across the world, there are a lot of eCommerce merchants, who are rewarding their repeat customers as they are your loyal customers and they can influence thousands of new visitors and boost your sales.

However, it is also true that rewarding customers is not possible for small businesses, which have a limited budget, but rewarding doesn’t means giving big gifts.

Little things also mean a lot to customers if you provide them as rewarding. Such small things can make a big different in your business and help you expand your business worldwide. There are various different ideas that won’t cost you high, but can make your customers happy and content.

If any of your customer or visitor is visiting your website again, it means he/she have one such connection with your brand that pulling them, so reward them as it shows them that you care for your customers or repeat customers.

Below, you can find 10 simple tips that you can implement on your eCommerce site to reward your repeat customers:

Conduct a Live Q&A Session

If you conduct a live Q&A session for your customers, it reveals your brand’s ability to keenly collect input from constant visitors and respond to their request. Make sure you conduct this session on a landing page of your website – your store’s social media profiles or even offline.

Recently, one of the most popular brands REI invited its popular visitors for a Q&A panel discussion, where visitors can meet top cycling athletes such as Carter Jones and Eric Young.

These are the top athletes, who answered various questions like what it needs to compete at USA Pro Challenge. All those visitors, who often visit the REI website, were possible to be the top updated about this event and reserve their spot for the Q&A session.

QA sessions

Some Tips:

  • It is important that you provide a sole way for loyal visitors to submit their questions as it will promote their participation.
  • You should also fix a date as well as time for the Q&A session no matter whether it takes place online or offline. Moreover, you can also fix the duration of the live event – 30 minutes, an hour and more.
  • Until the day of the session, you can also post reminders on your website with a pop-up tool so that repeat customers or visitors will have maximum time to think and submit their questions.

Connect Visitors with Your Brand

You can offer your repeated visitors an opportunity to be the face of your eCommerce website. Rather than you sign-up, stars of the television or sports world can sharpen your connection with potential customers so you are allowed to pick from frequent visitors.

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Novartis Consumer Health asked heartburn sufferers, who were constantly looking for solutions to try-out a new over-the-counter treatment for the problem and doc their experiences through product testimonials and video diaries.

Connect Visitors with Your Brand

Some Tips:

  • Make sure that you develop an application process for your repeat visitors to sign-up as candidate and encourage it with the help of social networks, your website and email.
  • To avoid any backlash, you can describe your expectations and you can also mention that only repeat visitors, who are constantly communicate with your brand are eligible.
  • You can also emphasize their responsibilities and what’s expected of them as the face of your brand.

Develop a Loyalty Program

When it comes to talk about a point-based loyalty program, it is one such program, where visitors earn points and it is the best way to reward your visitors’ loyalty. However, you can shun making the system of points and rewards confusing for the visitors as lots of ecommerce websites are doing.

There are lots of popular brands worldwide that are conducting loyalty programs for their customers and repeat visitors. You can also conduct a loyalty program like you can offer your visitors a single point for each dollar that your customers are spending.

At every 350 points, you can provide your customers or visitors a $10 gift card. After that you can distinguish more frequent visitors who spend over $2,500 by increasing them to Reward Zone Premier that offers greater discounts for in-store items.


Some Tips:

  • You can try to make it as simple as possible for visitors the value of their points. You do not set-up something like 27 points is worth $1.
  • You can mention clearly that how points can be exchanged easily for rewards. You can make sure that you should not squash mystery rewards where customers are not able to determine what their points mean.
  • You can make use of applications such as Sweet Tooth so that you can customize your loyalty program and can have constant visitors accessing it from desktop.

Provide Free Shipping

As we all know that shipping is the vital factor that a lot of eCommerce visitors are taking into consideration while purchasing any product.

You should provide your customers or frequent visitors free shipping. National Retail Federation conducted a poll that 66% of online shoppers termed free shipping very essential when it comes to make an online purchase.

Various brands on the web are considered free shipping and free return policy the most important part of its marketing plan as such brands rewards their frequent visitors while develop customer loyalty. For this generous policy, there are no such special exceptions or catches.

free shipping

Some Tips:

  • You can also allow your frequent visitors to subscribe to a membership so that they can get free shipping.
  • However, if you are running a small eCommerce brands, you can establish minimum order threshold as may be you can’t afford free shipping on all the products.
  • But if you are not capable to provide free shipping, you can provide your loyal visitors flat rate shipping so that they can keep the process as simple as possible.

Make Sure You Remember Speciclass=”font-18 w-100″al Days

You should be thankful to all your visitors or customers, who often purchase from your website. You should remember special days or occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and more and send them greetings.

By sending such greetings and remember their special days, you can develop an emotional bond with your faithful visitors on a personal level and activate positive responses when they visit your website. You can also take time to write separate message for your regulars while you are greeting all your visitors.

You can find various brands today that send it customers an email weeks before their birthday and provide them any free gift. In the subject line, you can use the customer’s name and also comprise a short birthday video inside the email body.


Some Tips:

  • You can try to make the greeting as warm as possible and make sure personalize the subject line.
  • You can also consider the time zones where target visitors are living.
  • With a CRM system, you can automate the greeting campaign.

Offering Stickers, Badges & Pins

Most commonly seen on “check-in” applications such as GetGlue, Gowalla, Foursquare, collectible stickers, medals, pins, and badges and other items or trophies add a game like competition to the user-experience.

Along with creating a recommendation to all the items obtainable, but it also offer a competitive spirit as users compete against friends in order to gather more items quickly.

You can also offer your clients with stickers, badges and pins as depend on the size of your customers’ base. You can also start your own collecting competition like stickers as digital stamps are quite easy to get acquire; however, if you take time and effort to design rewards for particular user actions, it becomes more challenging and interesting as well.

Some Tips:

  • Reward your customers for recommend Friends/Family to Your business.
  • More number of opportunities has for developing an engaging and collectible reward system with the help of these methods.

Show Visitors That Their Opinion Really Matters

You can also ask your customers and regular visitors their thoughts on upcoming products, random images and more as it shows them that you value their opinion.

This way, you can give your visitors their own voice and make them feel appreciated and important. Moreover, you can also make use of a tool such as Get Satisfaction to develop a community where regular visitors voice their opinion or use brand’s social media pages for the purpose.

Some Tips:

  • Collect opinions on something rather than what you are selling directly.
  • Allow visitors to get maximum time to collect their thoughts.
  • Make sure to be transparent and consider adhering to their opinion.

Digital Discounts: Online Offers & Discounts

In the recent times, Groupon has gained huge popularity in the market as lots of consumers are not only hungry for discounts, but they are beginning to expect them. You can provide discounts, offers and coupons that is nothing new, but focusing on this efforts on your online audience is a quite new idea.

Digital Discount

No matter whether you wanted to reward your existing online customers or wanted to boost the size of your online customer base, special offers and discounts is one of the b10 Tips to Implement on Your eCommerce Siteest approaches.

Some tips:

  • You can offer your customers with regular discounts and offers
  • You can also encourage new customers to sign-up and become your potential customers.

Feature Visitors on Your Social Media Pages

You can feature your regular visitors on your social media pages as your regular visitors will surely love this.

It is a great way to boost engagement and you can also civilize your ecommerce brand. Make use of social media applications such as Facebook Fan of the weeks to feature visitors.

A worldwide popular brand ‘Oreo’ has been following this strategy on Facebook for quite some time. The company is mainly focusing on brand lover and the company’s love for its customers.

Some Tips:

  • Allow visitors to know through email and social media announcement that they have an opportunity to get featured.
  • You can also ask them to submit their location and a profile picture
  • By rewarding the featured visitor with a free sample, you can add value.

Allow Your Customers Early Access to New Products

If you are going to introduce new products, you can allow your customers early access to new products.

Along with, making them feel special, the method offers you a chance to refine and test a new product before it is revealed to the whole audience base. Through a loyalty program, the early access strategy can be supplemented.

A popular merchandiser Gilt provides a loyalty program, where members can easily earn points for different activities like visiting the Gilt.com website and buying goods.

All those visitors, who are redeeming points, are also getting the option of early access to sales that means visitors can get more value from their connection with the brand.

Some Tips:

  • Allow your visitors a chance to early visit your new products.
  • Try to keep the access window as small as possible to prompt quick action and create enthusiasm.
  • Before you start a loyalty program, you can define your targeted visitors.

So, these are 10 simple yet effective tips that you can implement on your eCommerce website to reward your customers. Following these simple tips is extremely easy, so make sure your reward your customers and make them your potential customers.

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