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How to Make Right Choice for Your Ruby on Rails Development Company


When someone out in the market with a website idea, the selection of web development technology becomes the prime issue even before making choice for a web development company. It is because all web development companies don’t have expertise over all prevailing technologies or programming languages.

Therefore, after making choice for a programming technology, it becomes easy to find the expert company or a team of developers. So, let’s delve into picking the right programming technologies. There are many proprietary and open source technologies to create your web identity whether in form of website or web application.

Make Your Stamp of Choice on Ruby on Rails Development

Out of the stack, my recommendation is for Ruby on Rails (ROR) programming technology. Ruby is a programming language, which easy to code, learn, and read. Rails is a development framework and has extended support for the Ruby. Thus, amalgamation of both known as Ruby on Rails.

Rails is a RESTful framework and supports building REST API easy and quick. Therefore, integration of external services like GPS, Maps, and social media network proves seamless experience. If you have plan to extend the functionality and integrate futuristic technologies including IoT, Augmented Reality, or location-based applications, ROR is a great choice to make.

ROR enables your business to interact with external world and provides room for future growth. Moreover, Rails has standard structure and follow convention over the configuration. Therefore, starting a new project for an startup or restarting an existing left in between become easy and quick process compared to other technologies, thanks to readability.

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Find the Right Ruby on Rails Development Company

Now, you have decided to have your website or web application on Ruby on Rails and looking for the competent team of ROR developers or ROR Development Company. At this point, I would like to give you some useful and efficient hints to make right choice for it.

Run Extensive Search

Find out the dependable ROR development services is daunting on the web where fraudulent and mediocre companies and developers are in plenty. You can begin it from your near-and-dear ones like friends and social circles who had a prior experience with a company.

However, the best alternative is search engines like Google to run a query. Search engines rank a company based on several parameter and ROR web application development services appear in the top results are somewhat guarantee of reliable and applauded ROR development companies to address your bespoken needs using their experiences and expertise.

Judge the Capabilities and Expertise of ROR Development Companies

Judging the capabilities and expertise of the ROR development companies is crucial step to make right selection. In due course, prepare a list and start looking the portfolio, and case studies of the listed ROR companies. After comparative analysis, narrow down the list and start conversations with remaining a few companies.

Judge the Reputation of ROR Web Development Services

Judging the reputation of on-shore and a company within the reach is quite easy but what about off-shore ROR designing and programming agencies?

Of course, today we have social media networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to relay on the intimate groups or circles whom has prior experiences.

Apart from, social media there are a plenty of rating and review sites providing honest, transparent, and real opinions regarding the ROR development companies. If you are active enough and check the references of the previous clients through testimonials published on the websites of the selected ROR development firms.

Compare the Quotes of ROR Development Companies

Most of the web development companies provide quotes for a project for free of charge. They provide module, hours, and rate related information in the project estimation documents. Therefore, ask for free quotes and arrange some brainstorming sessions over your project ideas.

These ways you will have an opportunity to know the prevailing market rates, types and number of modules needed for your project, rough estimation of timeline, and ballpark estimation of a monetary budget.

Arrange Personal or Online Interviews to Gauge Skills of ROR Developers

Based on the quote comparison, you can narrow down the list of selected ROR teams. Now, it is time to make final decision or narrow down the list further. In due course, you must judge the technical skills of the ROR development team including designers and developers.

If you know a little bit technicality or hired technical consultant who is helping you, you can arrange online meeting with your development team and ask relevant questions to gauge their skills. You can check their resumes, certificates, and awards to make selection process easy even for a team for your project.

It is true that many companies only allows you to get direct access of developers after the sign up the project otherwise, CVs are publishing on their website to know the team well before sign up the development project.

Ask for ROR Development Methodologies and Strategies

We know different types of development methodologies prevailing in the software development market like waterfall. Agile, scrum, and much more. The application of the methodology depending on the project requirements, budget, and timeline expected by the client and its niche market.

If you think of MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and iterate it based on feedback of the users and analysis. It is an excellent idea for inclusion or exclusion of features with each sprint. In such cases waterfall methodology proves useless. The latest methodologies are the excellent choices.

Ask for the Business Analysts Skills

Each software development team is consisting of a business analysts to accumulate business requirements and turn it into comprehensive documents for software developers. It seems a minor role but matters most to understand the actual requirements of business and develop ROR application to address it.

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Of course, all these require some tech-savviness and prior experiences with technical project management where you should accustomed to development terminologies, methods, and strategies.

If you are busy or highly concentrated on your core business activities and want to avoid any involvement, you have a decent option to hire a consultant with a fee to act on behalf of you. You can consider ROR Web Development Consulting Services of Perception System dependable and take advantages of it for nominal charges.

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