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The Ultimate Guide to Shopify Dropshipping 2019


The easiest way to generate business in 2019 is by exploiting E-Commerce and M-Commerce to its full potential. The first choice of entrepreneurs these days is setting up a dropshipping store rather than developing a product on their own. Having a dropshipping business lets you use more of your resources on marketing and expanding your store rather than spending endless hours on unique product development. This is why most of the Shopify Design Agency helps the entrepreneurs choose the right niche for the respective areas.

Let us understand what is drop shipping and how can it help you generate maximum revenues in 2019?

What is Shopify dropshipping?

Shopify drop shipping guide 2019

More than a decade of flourishing E-Commerce business and the same question still persists: what is dropshipping. This is whatShopify has to say about drop shipping,

“Drop shipping is a method in which you act as a middleman. When a customer places an order, you take the required product from the supplier and deliver it to the customer. Thus, you are fulfilling the requirements of the customer without minimum investments possible and generating profits out of it.”

dropshipping from ebay to shopify

Amazon was the first to indulge in the drop shipping business back in 1999. As of January 2019, more than 200,000 businesses have been working on this model and generating billions of dollars all because of platforms such as Shopify. Platforms like Shopify ease out the process of setting up a virtual store with thousands of inbuilt templates and customizations to develop your store as per your needs.

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Once you have your product range in mind, all it takes is a good name for your store and an hour of your time. Let us now understand how to set up a successful dropshipping business using Shopify in 2019.

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Become an Internet Retailer using Shopify

Here is how Shopify can help you become an online e-commerce retailer

(1)Choose the right product

The most important step here is to choose the right product. According toEnterpreneur.com selecting the right niche is the most important step for your business. Your product should be chosen in such a way :

  • High-profit margin

The line of product chosen should be such that the profit margin is higher and the product is easy to place.

  • Low shipping cost

Find a product that is easy to ship, practically inexpensive. Even though your customer bears the cost, a higher shipping cost is a customer repellent. Thus, make your decision wisely.

  • Get unique

Choose products that are not easily available in the local market easily. Do your research and find out infamous brands that are not easy to be shipped in the local market.

2)Design your Shopify Store

Setting up an aesthetically pleasing Shopify store for your customers is an extremely important part of Shopify Web Development. It is a lengthy procedure that requires you to consider the following aspects

  • Designing the logo
  • Choosing the right template
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Faster load time
  • SEO and SMM
  • Managing the order databases and a lot more

Hiring a Shopify Web Development Company helps you analyze the ever-changing trends and saves you from all the pressures of the digital store so that you can focus on the uniqueness of the product along with expansion to bigger markets.

(3)Optimize your Shopify Store

This is an important step to receive money from your customers, set up your shipping rates and build store policies. For a Shopify Design Agency, setting up the right Payment Policy is always a crucial task.

dropshipping from amazon to shopify

PayPal is the most sought after option as a payment provider. If you don’t have an account, then create a new PayPal accountand then fill up the details under the Payment Providers option.

Shipping Rates

For a dropshipping store, having clear shipping rates is like taking a step closer towards the transparency of your retail chain. While it is necessary to have inexpensive shipping, that is providing your customers with free shipping, but that can not be possible for all your commodities. Hence, it is recommended to incorporate shipping charges to your product cost and then offer free shipping.

For instance, if you are selling a pair of shoes worth $40, raise the price to $45 and offer free shipping.

successful shopify dropshipping stores

You can set up free shipping under the shipping tab.

4) Getting your first customer

Once you are done with the store setup, it’s time to make the store generating revenue and get your Shopify dropshipping store to action. By the mere launching of your store, you will not generate a huge volume of traffic from the dropshipping store. Thus, setting up a Shopify Web Development Company for planning your marketing campaigns is highly recommended.

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There are various marketing channels that you can market your product on, such as Facebook marketing, and Instagram marketing which can help you generate huge volumes of traffic to your store. Keep experimenting with your marketing campaigns and stick to what works best for you. Keep an eye on your competition and develop campaigns for your Shopify store to stay a step ahead in the race.

Congratulations! You are now the owner of your own Shopify dropshipping store. But remember that there are thousands like you in the market already eyeing for your customers. Thus, it becomes important to choose the right Shopify Development Company, that stays with you throughout the store development and plans the right marketing strategies for your brand. Always keep yourself updated with the latest trends and make your Shopify dropshipping store generate seven-digit figures in less than no time!