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Top eCommerce Platforms & Tools for Your Online Store


For lots of small businesses, it is not easily possible to run an online business and storefront as they are facing budget restraint, but if they are looking to sell online, it is a must to have user-friendly eCommerce solutions and tools.

If you are a newbie in the eCommerce world, you will need an eCommerce platform with appropriate options so that you can increase the productivity and performance of your business and get huge help in running it faster.

There are lots of eCommerce platforms when it chooses one for your store, but ensure that you should choose one that best meets your business requirements. If you wanted to sell online and gain huge success in the meantime, below you can find 6 advanced quality eCommerce platforms and tools that you can try for your store:

While comparing different eCommerce platforms, you should look for the basic features required to set-up your online store.

Ensure that the selected platform has features like customizable website templates, integrated shopping cart, email marketing, analytics & inventory management, and search engine optimization. Let’s have a look at different eCommerce platforms that will rock in 2016:


Today, Magento is the fastest growing eCommerce platform solution with a lot of impressive and striking features. Now, Magento makes it extremely easy for you to sell your range of products through eBay too as this high-end platform is owned by eBay.

Being the most trusted online shopping cart for various small businesses, Magento is one such platform that boasting $25 billion+ in transaction volume each year.

For all those store owners, who wanted to develop a robust, high-performance, and reliable online store, Magento is a great platform with advanced and exclusive range of features.

The best thing about this platform is that it is established as a leader among all the eCommerce software and allows huge number of eCommerce stores on the web.

Pricing:Offering both a free and paid version, Magento has a great solution for small to medium to large enterprises.

A Magento Community Edition, a free version to download, is perfect for medium-large size businesses. And other is Magento Enterprise Edition that costs 15,000 per year (enterprise business solution) and is best for large size businesses.

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Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce solutions on the market that allows businesses to choose a website template, optimize store design, add a product catalog and develop company blog posts from a single administration dashboard.

Moreover, this platform is also built in mobile features that consist of both a mobile storefront and iPhone application.

Store owners do not need any kind of skills to develop a store, but they are allowed to choose from a comprehensive range of 100+ website designs and integrate their products.

While developing a Shopify website, you can get integration of a secure shopping cart that can accept major credit cards. For benchmarking your online store’s performance, this platform has built-in analytics.

Pricing: Shopify started selling its products online for just $14/month along with a 14-day free trial.


A reliable and complete eCommerce platform ‘BigCommerce’ is rich in features as compared to other eCommerce platforms in its price range. Especially designed to be simple and user-friendly, BigCommerce is quite similar to Shopify platform as it is used by a lot of business sizes.

Further, this is one such platform that would be preferably used by a medium to large sized retailers. If you are one of those eCommerce merchants whose sales is in the range of $0-$10 million, can see this platform as a highly beneficial one.

Pricing: Start selling at 29.95/month. There is no contract, so you can cancel anytime.

Square Market

Are you looking forward for opening an online store in a very short period of time? If yes, you should opt for Square Markets that is an ideal eCommerce platform.

From the mobile to digital payment platform Square Market is a great choice as it allows local businesses through-out the United States to sell their comprehensive range of products to anywhere and anytime.

With Square Market, you can easily open your free online store and use its built-in marketing tools and pickup order system. If you are biggest fan of this platform, you can easily enjoy free point of sale application as well as integrated analytics.

Being an agile online store solution, it comes with lots of customizable features like flexible promotional codes, personalized images & logos, color & size options, mobile friendly store fronts, social media links and more.

Pricing: Square Market does not charge any monthly fees as users just need to pay 2.75% of the sale price whenever you make any sale.

Spree Commerce

A free and open source platform, Spree Commerce is well-known for powering the branded websites like Chipotle and Bonfire. Being a little new platform, it has an excellent deal of potential due to its open source software.

The best thing about this platform is that it comes with out-of-the-box features and extensions as it has catered towards smaller-size businesses with revenues in between $0 – $5 million.

For all the small companies that are not strong in development, Spree Commerce would be an excellent choice as the platform’s set-up is easy and there is no need of programming skills.

A lot of established companies have a developer team in-house that could dishearten them from choosing Spree. But because of the Wombat software, this platform has sturdy integration possibilities.

Pricing: The platform charges $20 to $30 hosting cost per month.

eCommerce Online Tools That Boost Your Sales


If you have decided to provide a new customer experience, you can opt for Vee24 as it can maximize your sales and delight your customers with their interactive selling platform that features text, voice, video and co-browsing.

To enable all the online retailers to engage customers, their online customer engagement tool boasts the latest video technology. It also answers their queries and concerns. Moreover, this high-end tool offers three different products, including VeeChat, Veekiosk and VeeStudio.


If you are looking for the quickest way to reach customers and chat with potential clients, LiveChat is one of the best tools known for well-known for adding-on to any online store.

The tool is also helpful for improving customer service response times and efficiency. Now, using this high-end tool you can easily get rid of long queues and give your customers instant answers.


MobiCart is an excellent choice if you are looking to go mobile with your online store as MobiCartMobiCart is one of the leading mobile commerce companies, enabling eCommerce companies to develop and manage their business as a native or web app.

The solution of it extremely customizable and works separately, and it can be also linked up to your existing website or shopping cart.

Being a feature-rich add-on, you can get huge help in enhancing your mobile presence and engage with mobile customers from sending out powerful push notifications based on location to keep your precious customers up-to-date with the latest blogs and tweets feed.

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So, these are the top eCommerce platforms and eCommerce tools that can help you to expand your online store. However, if you are looking for any professional to help you out or solve any query, you can get in touch with eCommerce experts at Perception System.

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