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Why Choose Custom e-learning Development over a Ready Solution?

Why Choose Custom eLearning Development over a Ready Solution

With the massive demand for e-learning courses in various fields, it is now a fact that the introduction of e-learning platforms like Linda, Udemy and others could be a very profitable business idea in 2020. However, this idea also puts the e-learning entrepreneur in dilemma – “What type of solution to choose for e-learning development?”
This article examines both methods and analyses the various aspects that drive this decision. We will begin by understanding the mechanisms of both e-learning software solutions and discuss their application under different perspectives. Hopefully, this article will provide enough information to make you an informed decision for a profitable business.

What is a custom e-learning software?

A custom e-learning portal has been developed from scratch according to the individual goals and requirements of the entrepreneur or anyone who wants to apply e-learning for business, training, consumer education or mixed education. Application and e-learning platform features vary according to the changing nature of implementation goals.
Each business has unique requirements governed by the business model, organizational culture and monetization goals. Entrepreneurs cannot tailor for the implementation of such a model. Custom e-learning software development is the best way to solve employees, customer education, in-house software system training and more. In short, you need custom e-learning solution to implement corporate e-learning in an organization.
However, custom eLearning development solution remain the same in the target band. Regardless of your goals, you need to follow the same approach to achieve your customized e-learning solutions. You can either work on the development yourself or outsource it to a progressive development company to do this for you. Either way, your software will be built from scratch.

What is readymade e-learning software?

Readymade or Shelf Learning software is based on the idea that ??”one size fits all” out of software solutions. Software vendors apply their resources, time, money, effort and research to the development of e-learning platforms and create solutions from scratch.
Vendors sell these developed solutions to many customers as many refined products. Therefore, they can charge an affordable price for development costs and then generate a profit. In other words, these solutions are created after researching popular business models, which more entrepreneurs expect to follow. By integrating trending features to include popular monetization channels, readymade solutions keep updated with the latest trends in the market.
When you consider encouraging business, compromise is best off the shelf. For example, you saw the entrepreneur do a little bit of good work for micro-courses with a pay-per-course model. You would think that starting a site like Udemy in your area would have the same effect. So, you bought de demi clone script and created a website with similar features and monetization channels.
If a business like Udemy was your goal, then spending a fortune in custom and learning development would be a futile idea. Instead, buying a readymade Udemy clone saves you a lot of costs, time and effort. Similarly, the market is full of other readymade solutions such as Coursera clone, University Tutor clone, Udacity clone and others.

Custom e-learning and Ready solutions-what to choose? 

There is a significant difference between the two terms including the cost and utility. Let’s look at two options on some other important aspects and find out which one works best in this situation.


The thumb rule for developing any commercial software makes it adaptable for future needs. This means that mod software should have an easy way to modify the code, add new features, remove useless features and improve the UI. Customization software allows access to software code so that any skilled developer can make changes. Moodle development is one of the best option to go for custom e-learning solution.
Although you develop custom software based on your current needs for e-learning platform features, it will only consider customization if it allows for simple changes without breaking the existing code. It should follow standard coding practice so that anyone can identify and modify the code.
On the other hand, you can guarantee customized readymade software by providing access to open-source code and following modular coding methods. There are various readymade solutions based on SaaS on the market. However, they are not customizable or that they do not provide source code. So, open-source code and self-hosted e-learning solutions are worth customizing.

Third-party integration 

The concept of third-party integration works on the principle of “not rediscovering the wheel”. When a solution from the market is already at your disposal, you can use it instead of developing it from scratch. That being said, you can use third-party solutions built into your program through application programming interface integration (API integration).
Custom e-learning development with source code with access for third party integration can be more friendly than a readymade solution. With standard code practice, anyone can integrate possible APIs that fit into third-party solutions. However, this should be done from the beginning when designing the software.


Readymade solutions are usually secondary when compared to custom development. The apparent reason is that custom solutions are developed specifically for one customer, and they cannot resell to others. When readymade solutions are sold as a product and do not limit the seller to selling the same solutions to many customers.
Moreover, you can’t estimate the cost of custom e-learning software. The software vendor must consider aspects such as complexity, resources, the time required, testing, deployment and maintenance to submit an estimate. Shelf solutions, on the other hand, provide accurate forecasts with a fixed charge for maintenance and support.

Easy adaptability 

There are two aspects to this aspect. On the one hand, it is easy for the entrepreneur to apply both as these days, developers manage everything from deployment to maintenance. As an entrepreneur, you don’t have to worry about anything. However, this is the other side where there is a big difference in the cost of acquiring the two.
However, custom e-learning development software is easy to understand by the entrepreneur, which makes it the number one choice for easy adaptation. Your schedule is full of hustle, and you don’t have to waste time for learning the software, as the software is customized with your required and easy to understand features

Final thoughts

E-learning sector has to create a considerable pace with the advancement in technology. Increasing innovations, uninterrupted connectivity and flexible schedules are adding fuel to the fire. Whereas readymade solutions are restricted to address the creative aspects of the learnings, custom e-learning solutions are fully loaded with customized features, facilitating comprehensive learning.
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