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E-Commerce Audit – Why Does Your Store Need It?

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If you are running an E-Commerce store, you are entertaining 70% of the world to buy products from your online store. However, you may or may not be getting the desired traffic to your store and the conversion rate is even less. With increasing competition from similar stores, Amazon or eBay sells almost everything, sustaining the market has become a greater challenge.

Under such circumstances, you need to assure a safe, engaging, and interactive session for your potential customers every time they go through your store. For this reason, you need to be certain that your website is well-optimized, and runs smoothly for the visitors while keeps them engaging with the user-driven content.

What is an E-Commerce Store Audit?

An E-Commerce store Audit is basically a health check-up for your website wherein the E-Commerce development company monitor your site for various problems, analyze every detail from the front end experiences to the security of the website.

Our free E-Commerce store audit covers the following factors to get more traffic for your store

  • User Experience
  • Responsive Design
  • User Perception
  • Back-End Function
  • Ease of Use
  • Mobile Experience
  • Page Load Timing
  • Accessibility
  • SEO Analysis
  • Product Layout
  • Checkout Process
  • Link Analysis

We also cover the support and maintenance of an e-commerce store, that ensures you with better search engine rankings thus higher traffic.

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Why do you need an E-commerce Website Audit by an Expert?

More than76% of the world’s population is shopping online, having an E-Commerce store is merely not enough. The following aspects must be kept in mind while checking your store to ensure that the customer experience meets expectations and you too get a better insight into what’s going on with your business.

(1) A website that loads!

Try launching your store in incognito mode and check whether it meets the following criteria ?

Free E-commerce store audit

  • Are the pages up-to-date?
  • Is the website loading in less than 5 seconds?
  • Do all the clickable links work?
  • Are the CTA buttons placed at correct places? If yes, am I intrigued by them?
  • Are there any grammar or spelling errors?
  • Is the navigation working?
  • Do I get any 400,404, 401, 403, 500 or such errors while going any of my pages or products?

If any of these questions has a negative answer to it, performing an Audit will get you to a deeper insight into these problems, thus help find a solution.

(2) A high customer service rate is expected!

More than 50% of online shoppers prefer to pay a higher price for better customer service, stay loyal to the brand rather than opting for a cheap website with terrible services. Less than 10% of the visitors will care enough to stay back and leave constructive feedback on the website that can help you get to the root of it. Rather than staying blind to the issues, you can look out for the following concerns

  • Is it easy to contact the customer support team through any medium?
  • Is the Customer Support team leaving a satisfactory response to your customers?
  • How long does it take to find a solution over live chat, social media or a bot?
  • Does the FAQ section cover all the possible queries in a simple, easy to understand manner?
  • Is each product page covered with a valid description and hover over the icon that simplifies the procedure for the customer?

Finding answers to these questions may help you get to the depth of how your customer feels while going through your customer service and which points can have a further explanation.

(3) Different appearances across different browsers

According to a survey carried out by W3Schools, 68% of the people use Google Chrome as their default browser, whereas the remaining population is divided across Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. The Internet users, however, are more inclined towards mobile devices which is responsible for more than 70% of the traffic received by the websites.

Under such circumstances, it is important to make sure that migration to a new platform is a smooth procedure for your store and requires no complications whatsoever.

What does your free e-commerce store Audit report provide?

At Perception Systems, we perform a thorough analysis of your website and provide you with a comprehensive report that covers the following topics

  • A summary of all the issues covered while analyzing your website along with bigger opportunities to expand your business.
  • Guaranteed solutions to get more traffic and improve the overall performance of your running store without hindering it.
  • Prioritize the tasks from designers and developers to increase the functionality of your e-commerce store and ensure a smoother run for your customers.
  • SEO Analysis to help you improve your search engine rankings on Google or Bing including content updates, and adjusting the links.
  • Look out for ways to improve your mobile store and a QA analysis that checks your store cross a number of mobile devices and browsers.
  • Analysis to give you an insight on ways to ease out the browsing, checkout and search options from a customer point of view.

Concluding note

An E-Commerce store needs to focus on higher conversion rates to increase sales. By performing a store audit, you can increase your organic conversions and increase quality driven traffic to your store, targetting the right set of customers. Performing timed e-commerce audits have become important these days for a higher SERP rank as the search engines keep updating their search algorithms regularly. Keeping up with this practice will help you become your customer’s favorite in no time and boost up your online reputation driving more sales to your store.

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