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Why WooCommerce is the Best Solution for Single Owner Websites


E-commerce is flourishing rapidly, and thanks to the increased use of mobile Internet and apps for shopping. It is a rush in the market to have an e-commerce website even for a brick store. Therefore, many brick-n-mortar stores are in a queue to have an online outlet along with the traditional business.

There are dozens of e-commerce development platforms claiming high to be top of the list. Recently, Statista had surveyed different e-commerce development platforms in Australia as an example country.

The results were astounding. WooCommerce stood the 1st whereas Shopify got 3rd place. It is because WooCommerce has some distinct advantages against its all rivals. WooCommerce has secured its place due to several reasons. For instance, it is the best solution for single owner websites because startups and Omnichannel retailers mostly prefer to act as a single owner.

They are suffering from lack of resources, time, and money to buy costly e-commerce solution and hire additional staff to make it multiple user websites by allocating admin privileges to other than himself/herself.

Apart from these, many other reasons support the WooCommerce as a strong e-commerce platform candidate to get the best solution for single owner website development.

WooCommerce, the Cheapest E-commerce Solution

If you inquire for a WooCommerce Development Company, it will essentially be a WordPress development company in the first place. WooCommerce is not an independent e-commerce platform like Shopify and Magento are.

WooCommerce is a plugin of WordPress to bring e-commerce features and functionality in a WordPress website. Therefore, WooCommerce WordPress development is an appropriate term to go for WooCommerce store development.

Now, WordPress is an open source, and the source code is free. Similarly, WooCommerce is a set of WordPress plugins, and most of the extensions are available free of charge in the WordPress marketplace to begin a functional store.

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WooCommerce, a Customizable E-commerce Platform

We already know that WooCommerce is a set of plugins for e-commerce. It means you can add, delete, or modify the features and functionality of WooCommerce simply by adding or removing certain plugins from it.

WordPress itself is a treasure of extensions and to customize you need to play with WordPress, not WooCommerce plugins. Therefore, you have an immense opportunity to be creative to bring innovative functions and modules in your WooCommerce storefront.

Moreover, the WooCommerce community is regularly releasing plugins that are following the latest trends. What you need is to integrate into your existing WooCommerce website and get the latest features and functionality. It helps you keep pace with the contemporary market and stay ahead in competitions.

WooCommerce Comes with Analytics

Single owner website always needs a rich dashboard at back-end along with analytics capabilities. WooCommerce diligently provides it with visual display capacities. It helps a single WooCommerce merchant, to visualize sales with different parameters.

WooCommerce merchant also gets clues about traffic related data in analytics to prepare marketing strategies. It also provides insights into various conversion funnels and conversion data to improve the site performance and conversion rate.

WooCommerce Comes with Avant-grade Security

Security is a prime concern on an e-commerce site where highly sensitive data of shoppers stored and crucial monetary transactions take place. WooCommerce provides multiple layers of security at each critical step of conversion.

It addresses data security right from user registration on the site to completion of checkout and payment processes. WooCommerce supports the latest encryption and other security technologies to assure secure data exchanges during transactions.

WooCommerce Enjoys a Vast Community of Developers

Almost all WordPress developers have vetted their legs in WooCommerce development services due to increased opportunities for it. Therefore, most of the WordPress developers are WooCommerce developers and adding values in the WooCommerce community.

WooCommerce websites may face some issues any time in its software lifecycle. It is the WooCommerce community, which can help the single merchant to get out of such an emergency at highly affordable rates.You can get instant solutions of any scale of challenge from the community.

WooCommerce, an SEO-friendly Platform

Without natural search ranking, getting uninterrupted and quality traffic is daunting in a fiercely competitive market. WooCommerce, just like WordPress, is a completely SEO-friendly e-commerce platform.

Single owner website merchants need not go extra miles to achieve a good ranking in SERPs. It could be a DIY endeavor of single merchants to uplift the store in SERPs. Most of technical SEO automatically handled during the WooCommerce store development. It eases the life of e-commerce merchants a lot.

We have examined some of the reasons for that WooCommerce is an excellent choice for single owner websites development out of many e-commerce platforms. However, creating a highly customized e-commerce website tailor to your bespoke requirements and futuristic inclusions is a challenging job.

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