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How Buyer Persona helps Web Development to Enhance Relevancy?

buyer persona for B2B web development

Before diving into the formation part of the buyer personas for your websites, let us first understand what are these buyer personas and why are they so significant.

Debunking The Concept Of The Buyer Persona

A buyer persona is a mini-representation of your potential customer. It is an artificial customer profile created to help the content marketers decide on various marketing plans and strategies necessary to drive audience interactions which will in a way increase the chances of more purchases and so profits. The content marketers attempt to put themselves in the shoes of their target client to better understand their needs and problems. Every minute detail regarding the buyer is taken into consideration. For instances, what are their professions? What are their demographics? Are they married or single? What kind of problems are they facing in their routines?  How can you as a company aid them? and so on…..

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Question Arises Here Why Are They So Relevant In The Today’s World?

Jill Rowley, an astonishing marketer and former growth officer at Marketo says, “The new reality is that marketing needs to know about sales, sales need to know more about marketing, and we all need to know more about our customers.” This quote highlights the need to understand users in depth. And buyer persona provides that efficient tool extract insights from the audience. Also, it is useful in the following ways:

A clear portrayal of your audience gives you the best ways of marketing.

Comprehend the main pain points of your audience and answers how you can fill the gap.

Buyer Personas Helps To Create Customer-Centric Web Design

The users are the heart and soul of every designing concept. When the web development company designers empathize with their users, they get instrumental in creating user-centric designs. Providing maximum user experience is one of the principles of UX design.

Customer-centric web design is the one which is made by taking factors like consumers requirements, their problems, their personality and so on.

When a company follows these ways while designing its website, the following results are observed:

There is a sharp decrease in bounce rates.

Your brand awareness increases and so increases brand loyalty.

The customer engagement on the website increases.

More purchases and so higher revenues.

Now, let’s see how to use the buyer persona when building a website.

How to use the buyer persona while building a B2B website?

The following listicle illustrates how can we incorporate buyer persona in our website design:

1) Demographic considerations of the targeted company’s personnel and organizational hierarchy.

  • Age group
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Who takes decisions? Are they at the HR level?

2) Targeted company’s expectations from the suppliers

  • They choose suppliers based on their charges.
  • Some need consultation
  • Some need partnership support and so on…

3) What are their challenges?

Analyze their pain areas, their problems and how you as a supplier can fill that gap.

4) How you will have a conversation with your target company?

Do they want to have interactions on video calls or prefer to have face-to-face conversations only?

5) Their daily routines

  • How would be their typical day? When are they having leisure time?
  • When they would check business emails and documents?

6) Behavioural aspects of that personnel

  • Are they empathetic?
  • Do they like to take risk component in their firms?

Thus, including such buyer persona’s insights while making websites provides a quality consumer experience.

Let us take examples of some buyer personas in the B2B Space..

Buyer persona #1

Aman Agarwal
CEO of ABC clothing company
40 years
Pain area
The company is looking for agencies that can guide them to develop their website.
Preferences and expectations from the agency
Budget-friendly Visual- appealing designs SEO oriented

Buyer persona #2

Veena Sale
Marketing intern at XYZ fashion ltd
24 years
Pain area
She has been assigned to select a manufacturing agency that makes sustainable clothing. She will probably search them on Google according to ratings and reviews and finally present them to her head to take a call.
Authority to take decisions?
No, cannot take decisions solely, needs permission from her superior.
Preferences and expectations from supplier agency
Sustainable clothing mark Visual- appealing designs SEO oriented No limits on budget as it’s an established company.

Now, let’s see how website developers can incorporate these buyer personas in the development of their B2B website…..

Personas In Action; How Can They Use In The Website Design?

They are used to analyze the effectiveness of various sections of the website. The following elements should be considered :

1) SEO oriented landing page and blogs

Search engine optimization is a must technique used to drive lead generation and sales. The landing pages and blogs should have relevant keywords in them, optimized in a manner that will lead to rank higher on the search engines.

2) Features, navigational panel and their functionality

Are the options available on the website easily accessible? Does it take much time to download whitepapers? Can Mr Aman who is 40 years old, find difficulty while navigating through the elements? Do both Aman and Veena find the functions useful enough to achieve their objectives? Are the landing pages attractive? Do they both get a great user experience while navigating on the website?

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3) Tag-lines, Call-To-Actions and Social Media integration

Do the CTA entice both buyers to proceed to the next steps? Do the taglines appeal to Veena to present this website as an option to her boss? Does Aman, the CEO has the option to share the blogs to the company’s FB and LinkedIn account?

Thus, these questions arising from the buyer personas play an astonishing role in shaping the website design.

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