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How to choose the best e-Learning Website development company?

Among the primary trends in education is the gamification of education and foreign language learning apps. The demand for custom e-learning portals, in the programming and digital education verticals is rising.
Want to create a fully functional e-learning website? This guide will help you in selecting the best suited e-Learning solutions company along with the necessary features and technologies for the app. You will also get a rough idea about the final cost of an educational app for Android and iOS.
According to Forbes, experts estimated that the e-learning market would shoot up to $325 billion by the end of 2025. Also, Statista shows that 65% of tutors support open educational resources, while 92% of students want to use different devices to facilitate their learning process. Besides, education is among the top three most popular categories in Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Ideal models of e-learning

To make an informed decision, you can have a look at these platforms that are successfully working on providing unmatched e-learning experience to their users. Udemy and Coursera are the two-top e-learning websites that have revolutionised the way we purse education and academic qualifications. Now the dream course of every student is just a login away.

  1. Coursera: This e-learning platform partners with companies and universities by offering lectures and courses to the users right from the professors. London Imperial College, University of Michigan, Arizona State University are some of the educational institutes collaborated with it. The range, of course, could be free up to $22,000.
  1. Udemy: It offers more than 130,000 courses, and most of them are short-term courses created by individuals. The contributors have to go through a verification process before publishing anything on the platform. The instructors have their ownership rights to the uploaded course.

So, now you have two options for making an educational app; first is to partner with renowned educational institutes, and second to invite everyone familiar with the topic to instruct. But the most important thing is to find out the right e-learning website development company.

Selecting the e-learning website development team

To create an e-learning portal, you first need a skilled web development team. Here’s a list of professionals and specialists that must be a part of your project.

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • UI and UX designers
  • Back-end developers
  • Front-end developers
  • Flutter developers (If you select flutter development)
  • Android developers
  • iOS developers
  • QA analyst

For appointing the team, you must follow two of the following methods. Either hire an in-house team or outsource your project to the best e-learning website development company. Both have their pros and cons, but its easier to outsource your project to custom e-learning development solution company to have complete peace of mind.
The in-house teams are more comfortable to communicate, but they tend to be exclusive as you have to invest in the office infrastructure and equipment. On the other note, outsourcing your requirement to western countries like USA can be very much affordable with high-quality outputs.

Features of an e-learning website

Before starting the educational app development project, you can draw up a list with the elements for your project. You need to divide these features into basic and advanced features and also according to the roles of teachers and students.
The basic MVP features stand for functionality which is necessary to meet the basic user needs. A reputed custom e-learning app development company can add some new functionality to engage more users. Here’s the list of some basic features that you must include in your website.

  • Sign Up and Log in

It is better to provide different options for signing up for your application. For example, you can add options such as email and password or phone number and password. To make the app more user friendly, you need to add the ‘Forgot Password’ option. To create a signup feature, developers need to use Amazon SES and Amazon SNS.

  • Search

How to make an educational application and not fail? You need to develop a flexible search. To find the right course or subject, students need to use the advanced search. To create a search system, developers can use elastic search.

  • User profile

This screen allows students to view through dashboards and courses in which they participate. Also, here they can add their account details such as subject, age and more.

  • Selection of Courses

To choose the right course, students have to look at the details like course schedule and details. Apart from this, you have to add ‘Buy’ button here.

  • Payment

To make the payment process more comfortable and more secure, you need to integrate secure payment gateways. Developers use Braintree to create these features.

  • Menu

To view a list of upcoming lessons and tasks, students need the ‘Menu’ feature. This may include courses of choice, a list of jobs, and tests. Also, there should be a list of points to track progress. As a result, learners are organized, and the learning process is easier.

  • Push notifications

Users can get notifications about any course updates. Moreover, learners are better informed when they score. Push notifications are useful for user engagement. Developers prefer Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) to develop push notifications.
Besides, all these features, you can even add advanced features like chatbots, virtual meetings, personalized recommendations and gamification to your website.

How to calculate the e-learning website development cost? 

The e-learning website development cost consists of many factors. The development rate may vary significantly from $100/hour to $150/hour based on features and required development time. Some of the significant factors that are essential in the development as well as in the cost are listed below.

  1. Admin panel 

The admin panel provides a set of cool features for users to manage. For example, it allows users to block, edit, and delete. It is impossible to handle many users manually, as you need an admin panel. Additionally, the admin panel provides payment management. To create this part of the educational application, developers need at least 100 hours. However, the good news is that you only need one admin panel to manage all the platforms.

  1. QA time

Quality assurance services are essential for any technical project. QA engineers carefully test the application to detect bugs and fix them. The final cost of testing depends on the complexity of your project. To check the educational application (MVP and back-end) for Android and iOS applications, QA engineers need about 1,300 hours.

  1. DevOps time

DevOps services allow bridging the gap between developers and IT operations teams. DevOps experts consider the right tools and automate code flow from development to a product. DevOps has about 200 hours during the development of the education application.

How can we help? 

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